Let‘s face it we have been a nation divided into cities and mayors who ultimately are making separate decisions regarding their methods of dealing with COVID 19 and preventing its spread.

What has led to this separation?  As with any government, its leadership and its handling of a dire situation affect all. There is a lack of trust, respect for all peoples regardless of race, color, or creed or affiliations.  From a Hermetic view ( which is where my teachings arise from) attachments, opinions, judgments, and ignorance lead to darkness, destruction, and wars.  We pave the road to hell when we do this.  Thus far that’s what is occurring in the United States.  We are leading to civil war.  Instead, I propose that we pull back and begin dealing with each other with compassion.  There are those in positions that are led by greed, hatred, and separation, and power.  However, they can be brought to justice through the judicial system.  However, only peaceful and educated methods can lead to peaceful coexistence and move our nation and the world toward world peace. 


Remember history: 

“The traditional estimate has become iconic,” historian J. David Hacker said. “It’s been quoted for the last hundred years or more. If you go with that total for a minute—620,000—the number of men dying in the Civil War is more than in all other American wars from the American Revolution through the Korean War combined. And consider that the American population in 1860 was about 31 million people, about one-tenth the size it is today. If the war were fought today, the number of deaths would total 6.2 million.”

Brother fighting brother and sister fighting sister.  Families divided by ideologies.  Slavery of people needed to end.  The thing that propelled this nation to finally remain united was the end of slavery.   President Abraham Lincoln supported and led the United States through the most brutal of wars.  Without his staunch leadership and support the nation would have remained divided.  Is that what we want to happen today?

Through the healing tools and programs and classes that I am certified to run much of the conscious and unconscious processes leading to a life activation and then other healings that support the auric fields and the entire physical, mental, and emotional bodies are brought to a state of balance.  The illusions and opinions, attachments, judgments begin to slowly dissipate so that the person can heal and begins to see the world and relationships around them with new eyes. 

Through the Universal Kabbalah Program,  which is a year-long study and journey through the Tree of Life; each person discovers their triggers and subconscious patterns lead each of them to the present circumstances in his/her life. Growth and change are at times fraught with emotional, mental, or physical pain.  However, once this is cleared a renewed strength and vitality emerges and you emerge as the victor in your quest for the truth about the self and your purpose at this moment in time.

This is information is provided with the intent of a better understanding of the immense possibilities toward self-improvement that these healings, teachings, and programs provide.  Max Meditation TM System is a unique meditation that utilized Tibetan Buddhism methods and NLP and other methodologies.  It aims at leading the student into a peaceful and focused state whereupon attending several of these meditations they can meditate with ease.  This leads the student to make better choices without the monkey mind interference that can sabotage them into making negative choices in life.

The choice is yours.  You are the master of your life and the choices that you make.