There are so many conflicting reports from the news and media and the government and city capitals regarding the statistics, wearing masks and social distancing that discernment requires research and common sense on how each person should handle avoiding transmitting or receiving the COVID droplets from someone infected or with antibodies from a recovering COVID person.

From a community and spiritual perspective is to do no harm to another person or towards oneself.  Wearing masks and maintaining 6ft social distancing is a wise choice in protecting oneself and the people whom one encounters in parks, malls, places of business, supermarkets and office visits and public gatherings.

COVID is teaching the world to be compassionate towards one another and to ourselves.

For some it does not affect them; as they may have little contact prior to family and friends.  For others it’s a feeling of loss and separation; as they are alone and due to quarantine may not be able to visit family and friends. For those families with children, it may be taking a toll on them as daycare is not an option.  They may be working virtually from home and must schedule a time to school their children and also arrange for recreation time with their children.

The lesson is that no man is an island and each of us needs to be around other human beings.  We are by nature,  social beings and that is what COVID is teaching us.  Appreciation for the people around us whether they are old, young, or neonates.  Each through their stage in life is teaching and enriching our lives.  Our human responsibility is to care and nurture those around us.  To respect each person and ourselves as royal beings.  When we do this we gain and exchange information and our life lessons are enriched COVID world is a challenge but with compassion towards oneself and others we learn and grow from this life experience.