Why Did I Attend Healer’s I Academy

Well from childhood I had dreams about future situations.  At the time I did not recognize or understand the magnitude of this ability.  I was always meeting people who didn’t seem to be in this world.  Some were dark and some were light.  I learned a lot about survival and pain and suffering. I prayed to Jesus and Mary and begged for guidance as I was literally exhausted from these trying and frightening experiences.  I actually received an answer from the universe. At first, I went to a few healers but none resonated with me.  It was not until I met a guide in the lineage of King Solomon and following this, I was life-activated.  The life activation jump started me I needed to know and learn more.  I wanted to share the life activation with others.  It could only happen by attending Healer’s Academy.  I became an initiate in the lineage of King Solomon by attending and finishing the 2-day program and initiation Empower Thyself Program. I took all the prerequisites and my guide submitted my name to the Modern Mystery School International.  I attended Healer’s Academy I and began doing life activations for family members and associates. I admit it took me a while to develop my confidence and offer this service to the general public.

Life Activation transforms people’s lives.  I’ve witnessed people suffering from depression change within 2 days of activation. They return to me for further service and entrust me to provide for the healing that will benefit them and let them move forward in the light.  Some of my clients are reticent due to their positions, or families leaving a  testimonial.  I have a few on my website.

Get life activated and initiated.  It is the greatest gift you can give yourself and I promise it is well worth it.


Phyllis Francene Livera RN BSN

guide healer and teacher and RM in the lineage of King Solomon

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