Why am participating in the 31 day Blogging Challenge

Blog 1
Hi everyone for each day of this month I will be posting
a blog for the 30 day Blogging Challenge
The reasons are we are all unique beings and carry over
many gifts which we need to express to the world today
We are entering a new paradigm and with that change
society will change and people will awaken and become
more cognizant of who they are seeking to know their
true purpose in this lifetime.
Look for Blog II for today July 3, 2018.
The goal is to inspire everyone who reads these blogs to
be inspired, uplifted and willing to seek the path of
Knowing Yourself. Once you find that pearl you are
unstoppable and nothing can change your course of
So now look for Blog II
Peace and Joy
Phyllis Francene
CEO and Founder of Center for Healing and