What Is a Life Activation and What is the Empower Thyself Program and Initiation ?


Well this is the best video that explains about the Life Activation and the Empower Thyself Program.

Teresa Ibis Bullard is has a doctorate in physics and is an alchemy instructor and international with the Modern Mystery School.  Our School is the only school that brings this unbroken sacred lineage of King Salomon and healings to the general public.  The school is not a cult.  You are not forced to quit your job and stay and live on a compound.  You are not forced to quit your religious faith.  You are not told to leave your family and former friends and never engage with them.


Why am I stressing this?   Because my own family and acquaintances have continually undermined my practice through their conversations with friends or frankly one of them did this when I had an initiates’ meeting.  Instead of being positive about the healings and teachings they were promoting someone else’s practice.  Strange you may say ?  like they say you can’t choose your family members.  Another family member was literally going blind and refused my offer to send them long distance healing .  There is more to this story but it’s best to move beyond the mundane and negative .

The life activation works and takes about 7 years in total to fully integrate into your body.  However you must be engaged in a positive practice if you do not the life activation can only raise your vibration and frequency to match what you are nurturing and creating in your life.

Initiation gave me the ability to summon, command and dismiss energies that I use to create something good and that does no harm to anyone.  I have tools that protect me so that I can carry on in my spiritual path and achieve and attract that which I need to do the work and complete my mission on earth.

Therefore once I begin to engage and follow this path I learn to avoid that which does not serve me or the common good.  I need to increase my frequency and vibration so that I can reach my fullest potential and fullfill my sacred purpose.  I can do the things that I enjoy and share good times with family and friends. I can live and still continue in my career path and yet follow and practice the teachings and methods as handed down by a Modern Mystery School certified teacher and healer practicing in the lineage of King Salomon  .

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions feel free to reach me and contact me either at phyllis@centerforhealingandempowerment.com  or by phone 732-882-9676.  Solicitors and scammer are not welcomed to contact this center or the founder .