What does the impact of Hurricane Ida Reflect About the Collective Consciousness On Planet Earth

Dr Emoto’s research on our emotions and its effects on water show us that our emotions strongly affect water molecules.  Positive emotions emote beautiful crystalline forms shown though a electronic spectometer.  Sadness, Hatred, shame and other negative emotions turn the water crystalline images into dulled lifeless moleculer crystalline images.

The impact of the world crisis in Afganistan and the mixed emotions regarding our political situation in the US and the overall view of the world on the recent decisions made to pull out of Afganistan impacted on us severely.  Ida came upon us almost within a week of the Afganistan crisis.  It struck on parts of the Northeast never affected before by climate change without remorse.

Did this occur because people were still coping with Covid and isolation .  Vaccination vs nonvaccination;  wearing masks or not wearing masks.  Then the issue about vaccinating children so that they could attend school and requiring them to wear masks.

Man by nature is a social being .  We do not do well living alone and isolated from one another.  Fear also affects everything.  Fear of losing things following the aftermath of the hurricane.  seven tornadoes hit a NJ town. We’ve had 27 deaths  which we never had before.

Fear of losing face with the world and fear of women being downgraded to a lesser status than men that preys heavily throughout the world and more graphically in Afghanistan as the Taliban took over Kabul and all of Afghanistan.

The water crested at a high level in the northeast affecting many in its wake.  Did our collective consciousness create this event.

I believe it’s a combination of global warming and also our emotions.

How can we shift it ?  For me personally it’s a struggle.  Ive lost everything in my home .  I could be depressed over it.  When after working as a nurse I attempted to go back home as I could not travel when Ida hit NJ and NYC; I wound up alone on RT 78. east after what I thought was my working around a huge cement paver that was in the left lane.  The paver hit my sidewall blew the tire and hence I was alone on the shoulder.  Thankfully the nurses and administration at Rolling Hills came through for me .  Saw my message and through WhatApp one of the women from the Activity Dept was able to pinpoint my location and come and rescue me.  Her husband changed the flat tire to my spare tire. I may have waited a while on the shoulder but Triple AAA could not assist me till 7hrs later.  I was able to cancel the request.  I was able to stay at a lovely hotel that two colleagues were staying at as we worked different shifts.  The universe shifted the negative experience to a positive one.  I know in my heart Angels and Archangels and Ensof and Jesus were with me. I also know the tools provided through the Modern Mystery School came through.  I had contacted my spiritual family and also my colleagues to pray for me. Voila things shifted within 5 minutes of this experience.

Therefore I recommend to everyone if this is for you take my advice or pass it on to someone who believes and wants to grow spiritually and personally.

The life activation is the first step as it not only opens up the codons ( your divine blueprint) of the DNA but also you are experiencing the effects of elemental, magnetic and chackra balancing and negative cap removal so that you receive following completions of the entire session more light from Ensof .  I always recommend that following this session you take the Empower Thyself Program were you are handed down orally knowledge, rituals and tools that will enable you to navigate past the matrix and become your own healer.  You will also receive initiation into Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light so that you have 10 times more power to dismiss and receive energies from the beings of light .  You are the captain of your own ship. You know who you are .  If not and even if so the Universal Kabballah program provides you with tools to enable you to know yourself .

All of these tools and initiations have gotten me through many crises.  Therefore I extend the offer to reach out to you if you are a seeker and looking to improve your self knowlege and learn and utilize the tools provided through these activations and initiations.

contact me after September 18th and we can set up a session.

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