Reflections on Being Homeless

I write this post as I was impacted by Hurricane Ida.  My entire home was destroyed and therefore I’m presently living out of a hotel.  I have no support and am basically on my own dealing with FEMA the NFIP and my mortgage company.  The town of Middlesex, NJ provides no assistance as all the monies went to the first responders.  I was given a name of a volunteer group but they do not assist Middlesex, NJ residents.  Meals are not covered by FEMA housing and the NFIP does not support housing needs.

What this experience has provided me with is to place more trust in my guidance with the Hierarchy of Light.  More of an understanding of the female psyche and the male psyche.  An appreciation of minimalism and organization and opens up the energy to serve the light and assist people to heal from traumas and other mental and physical issues.

I am living in the present moment as I recognize each day is a gift enabling me another to spread hope, joy, peace and love to my clients.


What I will be offering is to provide to all clients both new and old a week long of healings and teachings to be booked with me .

The Empower Thyself Program will be offered October 20th & 21st 12 noon- 8pm at the healing center.

Every Tuesday from  October 16th  onwards I will be offering a free Zoom Max Meditation from 7:30pm -8:30pm .   Here’s the link:

Every Tuesday, October 16h onwards via ZOOM @ 2pm  where all of my initiates are welcomed to join me at 1p for a review of the teaching and rituals  and other topics that will enhance their lives.

Here’s the link:



























































































































































































































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