How do we continue to live and prosper daily in an ever changing world

We are constantly bombarded with news about the atrocities being committed by Russia toward the Ukrainian people.  How do I help them?  One way is to go abroad and volunteer to assist the people at the Polish border who are feeding thousands of refugees a day. Another way is to pray that this senseless war and genocide end and to donate in any way I can to various legitimate organizations that are actively serving the Ukrainian refugees. In the midst of this fear and anger settle in as I can no longer watch the needless torture and murder of innocent people and children and babies and unborn fetuses.

But then I must serve the communities around me where I live so that we can spread light and dispel the darkness. It’s all about energy.  The dark feel the light and is at war with the light. It targets innocent people who are so talented and good by nature.

Even if Russia wanted their resources they could have resorted to peaceful negotiations.  However, a despot will never serve the good people but will beat them down into submission or obliterate them totally from the planet.

Therefore as of now I will be offering to the general public my services and will scholarship one person in dire need who requires my services.  Please contact me at my phone no which is on my website and please leave a message.  Remember I am in an office building which requires me to be there when I have appointments.  I do not have a storefront and it would be on a major highway or RT so that everyone could easily access it.

Excited and looking forward to serving everyone in need of services.  Please remember I am not a physician, a psychiatrist, or a counselor.  I can offer spiritual counseling and as a nurse I can advise and direct you to the proper sources for your physical or emotional issues and illnesses.

In service to the light

I remain

Phyllis Francene Livera RN

guide healer and RM in the lineage of King Solomon

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