Courage in the face of Adversity Blog 1

I have personally suffered a lot of losses of lives in my lifetime.  From childhood I was dying of scarlet fever and an antibiotic was administered at its most lethal dose that saved my life.  I lost my grandfather at the age of 7 and a childhood schoolmate at the age of 6yrs.  In high school I lost a beloved teacher and a schoolmate to cancer. Of course the deaths continue as death shows no mercy.  With those losses I learned early on that we never know at what time hour day or week death will call. So death is no stranger to me.    I believe in God and his /her angels as when I was dying a presence stood behind me asking me if I wanted to live or to leave this world.  I chose to stay.

In 9/11 I lost a relative he was working for the JC fire dept and EMS crew and died in the basement of the tower leading other people to safety.  So this Tuesday a local town where I practice healing held a memorial ceremony honoring the victims of 9/11/01.  One of the most and there are many of courage and bravery under pressure is the story of the men and women aboard Flight 93. 

These courageous men and women decided that evil was not going to reign that day and they overtook their attackers forcing them to crash in PA.  The terrorists had set a course to hit the Capitol Building in Washington ,  DC.  These courageous souls called their relatives on the cellphone and said their poignant goodbyes.  If they had not had the courage to unify and stop their attackers the Capitol Building would have been hit .  There is no doubt in my mind that that would have occurred.

Their courage and unity during a time of adversity to stop evil from harming others is a prime example of courage under fire.  These peoples’  actions spur me on to say no to evil. 

During each war that was fought on this planet what if the people had said no more slaughter of innocent lives .  We need to have peace on earth and then stopped those with the war agenda.?  Would we be living in a different world today ?  What would our lives look like and what would the news reports cover ?  Would the there be tales of bravery , courage, joy and hope and peace.?   Would they have found a cure for all diseases ?  Would we have followed Tesla’s advice and be living with free energy sources and have no pollution and destruction of various plants, animals and other species be unheard of?  Would hate, prejudice, bullying, murder and mental illness be eliminated ?

Now I want to be the solution and not the problem.  So I choose no to evil and support peace on earth as corny as it sounds.  What would you like to see? Ponder on these thoughts and if this spurs you to say no to evil contact me and perhaps we can collaborate on making this world a safer and beautiful and peaceful one.