Blog III My Observations About Energy Healing

Blog  III  My Observations About Energy Healing


One thing as a healer that I need to always be cognizant of is that if a person does not believe they can be healed or has an emotional block and does not believe they can be healed or are worthy of healing they will not be healed.  As humans we are active participants in this work and in our lives through our thoughts that we create all that is around us.  A negative thought or emotional block leads to barriers so that the energy to heal cannot enter that person’s energetic field.

 Luckily the reason I utilize the sacred tools handed  to me from the time of King Salomon ,  I know and have found that once a person receives a life activation they are more receptive to holding light and energetically open up their structure to receive healing.  How does that happen?  The more energy and light that is received from Source ( whatever your belief is ) the more your energy fields are able to hold and receive light. 

 Also having a healthy support system assists with our healing.  It can be from family, friends or a community of like minded individuals that assist you in becoming the best you can be and finding your truth and purpose in life. 

You may find you may be drawn to becoming a life activation practitioner and may also want to teach people and offer them a spiritual path of progression. Your goal may be to best parent for your children and be able to assist them in their spiritual and physical growth and progression in life.

 You may be drawn to leadership and may find that you are drawn to leading people on a spiritual path of progression.

Whatever you ask of the universe that is in alignment with the light will be shown and granted to you if it serves the light.

Whatever path you choose as long as it’s in alignment with the light your path will have some rocky parts but things progress and move out of the way quickly when you are in alignment with the light. 

Stay tuned for Blog 4.