Blog 22 Why Do I Belong to the Modern Mystery School And Why Do I Recertify Myself As A Healer Teacher and Guide in The Lineage of King Salomon

Do we not become a member of let’s say the American Medical Association , The American Nurses Organization , The International Society of Critical Care Nurses , and so onto maintain our certifications?

Let’s face it all professions have professional specific organizations whose goal is to achieve accountability, improve skills, set standards of practice and ethics to maintain a soluble and thriving profession for their members and this in turn ensures that the services are rendered by their members in an ethical and compassionate manner.   In turn this improves and  enhances the health, the living conditions, the essential elements such as water and food resources that is offered and given by the professional who serves them .  This strengthens the people who receive the services and also enhances and improves the skills of the professional who serves them. It is a win win situation for both of them.  

Now through certification everytime I recertify  I find I learn something new .   I have taken my awareness and understanding to another higher level.  If I did not do this I would become more motivated by my own selfish or jaded consciousness.  I lose that connection with my tribe of people .  It’s similar to the statement ”  When we pray together we stay together”  or as Christ stated ” For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  Deuteronomy 19:20  

Do you not want someone to serve you who maintains their license to practice medicine?  Would you choose to go to a doctor who did not renew their license to practice medicine?  This principle should be applied to every part of our life  .  How many times have you heard of someone who chose to have home repairs given by someone who is not licensed?  Then within about a year or maybe several months down the road they discover that something doesn’t work correctly or tile begin to fall off a counter or the plumbing or electricity was done properly and now a pipe burst or a vent is working backwards ?  

Now as a licensed and registered nurse I find that for me I maintain my accountability to myself, my profession, and my community and the people that I serve. But what motivated me to seek a spiritual understanding and apply it to the healing profession?   It actually occurred because I myself from a personal and spiritual level felt like I was underwater.  Things weren’t working out well for me other than my profession.  My relationships with family, friends and significant other were falling apart.  What was going on?  I did the only thing I knew and prayed and prayed to receive guidance and an understanding of what was I doing with my life and why so much internal and external suffering ?

I received guidance to seek an answer and searched for a practitioner in the spiritual realm.  I went to a Shaman who practiced Mayan Shamanism.  This Shaman and I wound up actually disagreeing on the principle of healing and miracles.  Everytime I created and was the vessel that catapulted someone’s healing and not dying I was changing the karmic wheel and therefore suffering on his / her behalf.   Really I disagreed and cited that Christ always performed miracles and healed the sick that is not true.  He suffered and died for our sins so that we did not have to suffer.  We now had a portal of hope and joy open to us to achieve and perform whatever we chose that was for the highest and greatest good of all.

Shortly after this discourse I found a life activation practitioner and teacher in the Modern Mystery School and immediately agreed to have a life activation.   I understood I needed to return to receive the full protocol and I did.  I continued to study and receive healings.  I received the King Salomon healing sessions and this motivated and supported me through my trials and tribulations in life.  I continued to study and eventually about 10 years later went forward to eventually open my own light center.  It was a slow process for me as I had many things occurring at the same time.  I had a very serious job and responsibility to the institution I worked for and to the team of professionals I worked with . However the universe had other plans for me and I became so ill that I needed to abruptly stop working and focus on healing myself.  It took a period of over 3 years and I only had Mystery School practitioner perform healings on me.  I also began to eat more healthily .  The connection between body mind and soul and spirit was understood by me on another level of consciousness.  I began to understand if all are not on the same frequency and vibration and energetic level then a state of dis-ease occurs.  We begin to disconnect with the Source  and become ill.  It can be physical, mental or spiritual and eventually the more the disconnect then eventually we become so ill and die.  

I also learned that the healings of King Salomon as handed down through the sacred lineage work on all peoples 100% of the time.  You see King Salomon only saved and utilized the healings that worked on peoples of all cultures races and creeds 100% of the time.  Those that did not work were discarded and never used.

There are many ways of dying and however it begins we must recognize that in that time period of dis-connect we are essentially living in our own personal hell.  So once I cannot stand the heat I have to get myself back into the light and thrive.  Each of us has some type of struggle but it is how we deal and recognize it that leads to our achieving a new life a new approach to life and work and to our personal interpersonal relationships with our family and significant other.

If interested in receiving a life activation or other services from me feel free to reach out to me through or by phone 732-882-9676.