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Some of us feel as if we’re never heard and never recognized by people in life.  Have you ever seen that successful people seem to attract people to them.  They follow them everywhere.

They developed relationships with very successful people or with people who could promote them .  With that you develop a following that is how people who have intangible businesses achieve notoriety.  

Some have gained notoriety through writing  books ;  started out in a business in the area when there was no one doing what they do.  They  had clients that promoted and recommended people to them for their services.  They may teamed up with someone that had a successful business and contacts so that they could then glean customers from their email list .  They developed and nurtured that relationship and offered them services and with their continued support their clients were recommended by  them for their business.

Bottom line is without support from other people intangible businesses eventually fall apart.  The bulk of the business depends on client loyalty ,  sustainability and their ability and understanding to value and pay for your services .  They do not cheapen and ruin your reputation and compare you with others.

 You have to be cognizant on what the quality of the services you offer them and value yourself enough not to barter especially with new clients .  They can just be bartering because in truth they do not value your services and value more and have plans to buy a new car and go on a European vacation or gamble away thousands of dollars but hey for your services they cheapen and disrespect you.

Don’t get me wrong I do charity work for those in need but I have to draw the line.  I’ve learned this the hard way and been cheapened and frankly unappreciated by some.  But the bottom line is these are lessons so that I can offer and give quality service to clients and not devalue myself or my services.  Sometimes in turn the client needs to learn to respect what I offer and if they don’t then well honestly they quickly fall away.  If they cheapen my communication through nasty facebook comments or speak badly to a competitor in my field all I can do is unfriend and block them on facebook and state my case should the competitor mention it.  If they don’t respect what I say well then that’s on them and it’s time to get rid of toxic competitors .  

It’s all a learning curve but the point is you have to value yourself and your work and avoid bartering except with clients whom you’ve known for a period of time.  

You have to recognize toxic personal relationships with family and business acquaintances and set boundaries .  If this doesn’t work then you need to sever ties because listening to negative people and people that choose not to respect your choices in life is draining and you need positive and not negative reinforcement about your work and passion in life.

Therefore I challenge you to respect yourself hold true to your work ethic and values and end all toxic relationships.  Listen to motivational talks that have a positive spin and you will find yourself seizing the day ( carpe diem) in a very positive manner.

Surround yourself with positive people and successful and kind business acquaintances.  You will find you will be happier and more motivated to achieve your goals and establish a positive and abundant business and a happy and a successful life.