Blog 20 How do I Keep a Tidy Home?

The story goes like this  if you have a tidy and clean home then you are able to manifest and become more abundant in life.  The actual physical reason is this our brain needs order without it our thoughts and focus become blurred .  So we need to create and maintain order in our life for without it will go helter skelter and become confused and eventually stagnant and unproductive.

So How do you do this?  Well keep a checklist for each room in the house and assign one day out fo the week.

Keep only one or two things on countertops and dressers and bureaus.  

Do not store things on the floor .  That leaves you hiding things away and not paying  attention to them.

 As you check off your weekly daily chores a sense of accomplishment and completion will lead you to follow this routine everyday.  As you begin doing this in your life ;  you will find that your home is neat and tidy and now you can enjoy your living space and can invite others to your home.  Your life will begin again in your tidy home.