Blog 19 What Magick do Unicorns Bring into My Life ? Do you Unicorns Really Exist?

Unicorns are magickal creatures who look like a horse but have a horn sitting in the middle of their head.  They are prominent in medieval stories and often depicted in medieval arts as a Christ like figure that has been stabbed with an arrow.  

Another depiction of unicorns is in ancient stories about Gods and Goddesses and Elves and Fairies where they are depicted riding on an unicorn.  According to folklore the Unicorn can only be touched by an innocent virgin.  They are so delicate that none other than the Gods and Goddesses and a human virgin maiden can touch them.  Their horn is said to purify water and when a unicorn touches your heart with its horn you heart chakra opens up and you feel and then can only operate from the agape Christ Consciousness love.   

From a personal perspective when I connect with the Unicorn in meditation they always open up my heart chackra and whenever I feel all alone and unsupported or disappointed in the manner I am treated to by peers and relatives or a close friend;   they remind me that they are here to serve and help me on my journey along with the other magickal Gods and Goddesses Christ and other elemental beings.  They are very wise magickal creatures and for me they also can be humorous and lighten the seriousness of the conversation or teaching or guidance.

I recently held a special ceremony for a mother and her daughter and the unicorns arrived and we had the most magickal and joyful ceremony I could have ever wanted.  I was so grateful that this mother entrusted me with this task and yes after the ceremony her young daughter around 3 yrs of age did not want to leave and wanted to stay in the temple and play.  I would have watched her for her mom who needed to work from home but realized that this mother and daughter team needed alone time with each other even while she’s working at home.

I thank the unicorns for this magickal day and will connect with them in my meditations !!!!


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