Blog 18 What to Do When You Feel Stuck in Life ?

What Do you When You Feel Stuck In Life

1.  Know Thyself

One of the most important things in life is to know yourself.  If you don’t you won’t listen to the internal cues .  The subtle feelings you get when you’re around someone who drags you down and literally drains you of all your energy.  You may not be able to know or sense it’s time for you to take a break and in not understanding your internal cues you will turn to others for advice and even to various psychic readers.

Thus when you learn and understand yourself you can literally foresee or sense when it’s time to move out of a relationship or a friendship or living situation.

I have found in my spiritual journey The study of the Kabbalah has taught me to understand my strengths and weaknesess.  To learn what I am truly passionate about and what I am not interested in.  With this understanding it is easier to navigate my life towards specific goals and aim for things that enhance it.


2.  Knowing the Verbal Cues 

All of us have verbal cues or trigger words that either raise us up or drag us down.  Do you normally use negative self talk ? Do you then react to others compliments towards you in a dismissive way.

When you do this you create a self defeatist lifestyle.  The more you engage in  negative self talk and the more negatively you respond to someone who is complimenting you the more you create and attract negative circumstances and negative situations in your life and in turn self defeating friends and family members. 

Our thoughts create things and in turn create the life we are currently living in.  This is often a hard pill to swallow as it is easier to blame someone else for the circumstances we are currently living in.

So the question is:  How do you change your life if that is what you do?    For one thing you need to track your self talk and when you do journal it and then reverse it into a positive statement.

Track when you speak with someone and how and what you say to them .  Review the conversation and write it down.  Notice your trigger words well maybe or anyone could have done that or well you know I just don’t seem to have any luck .   I hate my job but I have to work and make a living right?  and you shrug your shoulders.  The reality is why not write down things that you do well and the positive things you have done for a company or institution you work for.  Once you read them and review all  of your positive qualities then you can look at things quite differently and see the things that you are capable of doing and the fact that yes you deserved that promotion and since you did not get it perhaps it’s time to move on and work in a higher skilled position.


3.  Your living situation affects your life.   If you find you are living in a situation where you are not happy and truly enjoy living in then it’s time for a change.  Maybe your need to declutter your surroundings or you need to redecorate and put on a new coat of paint.  Maybe you’re just not in the right place that makes you flourish and you need to move to another environment. 

For example you are young and single and living in family ville.. Well for sure you’ll not meet an eligible single love partner and heck no you don’t want to pursue a job as a babysitter or nanny move out of there.  Or you may be an older woman/ man looking for a loving relationship.  Well you’ll need to move out of familyville for sure and perhaps live in a hip artist and writer community and ensure you live in a city full of  opportunities for theatre , dance, and other social activities that increase your chances at a fun filled social life.  


4.  Follow your passion.  If you love dance and music pursue it.  That which brings you joy increases your chances of leading a  healthy and productive life.  You will then see the synchronicities and beauty and circumstances that allow you to be you and at the same time engage in a fruitful and productive career that brings joy to everyone around you.  When you smile the world smiles back at you and when you frown the world frowns back at you.  Be the best you can be and be passionate about what you do and can offer to the world around you.