Blog 17 What Does It Mean When I See An Owl in My Life?

The owl represents a magical creature.  The owl is known to fly silently it is not heard.  It has keen vision and can zone in on the prize in darkness and sweep down and capture its prey.  It is the companion of the Goddess Athena and guides soul in the journey through the veil to the other side.  Owls travel through dimensions.  An owls ears are set on higher than another so its hearing is unique.  It hears what is said and processes it and hears things differently through each ear.

So the owl when seen often represents our search to reach our higher self and to contact it.  Your higher self will never lie to you and give you the answers you are seeking . 

The owl is warning me to be silent and listen and discern.  Listen and discern and then speak.  Don’t just talk to talk.  Everything you say can affect you and other people’s lives.  If you speak with cruelty and anger towards another person then they in turn feel this energy and become either angry and deal in turn with cruelty to others . Or as in the bullying in school issues may become so despondent that they harm themselves or another person.  Our words can either make others rise above and beyond their own former goals or can completely shoot them down.

Owls fly to other dimensions they open portals … meditate on the owl and open yourself to move into another dimension.  You may begin in your normal life see things differently .  Nothing looks the same things look different and you begin to see things that you had never seen before.  Other beings may come into your reality.  You may be compelled to change your whole view of life and change jobs. What once resonated with you , no longer resonates with you.  You are energetically vibrating at a higher frequency.  

So my recommendation to you is see and listen to the owl .  Do not fear it as it will open you to a new life and reality and your life will become full of great  joy and adventure.