Blog 16 Music Runs Through My Mind and What Does It Mean To Me?

The Song   ” Potion No. 9″  runs through my mind.  The number nine in numerology represent divine wisdom and initiation.  People who hold the no 9 are very cognizant of their spiritual path and are dedicated to achieving their spiritual life’s purpose.  A person born with the no 9 in his/her birth chart  is full of sage wisdom and is extremely kind.  

During the time of the writing and fame of  ”  Potion  no  9″  The Beatles were exploring their spirituality and became disciples of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi .  They also made an album entitled Revolution 9.  I truly believe that their music was inspired through meditation .  Even in their comedic movies there was a metaphysical theme. 

In the Hermetic Qabbalah no 9 is represented by the Yesod sephiroth.  Yesod is our foundation that when it is strong we can create and manifest all positive things :  abundance prosperity joy and create for ourselves a kingdom that is supportive to attain our spiritual endeavors and fulfill our purpose on earth.  Without a strong foundation one cannot achieve anything and things fall apart.  Hence I have found the study of Qabbalah beneficial in assisting me with conquering my negative ego.  

The King Salomon Modality Healings a series of 11 sessions have assisted me with my spiritual and emotional healing .  The Ensofic Ray Healings sessions a series of 3 sessions also allowed me to create a positive energetic flow within my psyche and will to allow me to manifest the life I want to create.

This is why I offer these healings along with the Life Activation it worked for me.  It was  the first step in my personal spiritual mental and emotional growth and it can be yours.  

I invite you to contact me for a one on one free private spiritual consultation.