Blog 15 How do I Raise my Vibrational Frequency and Why do I want to do this ?

Einstein discovered that matter and energy are interchangeable and is connected by nature.  Hence our physical body is composed of energy and vibrational frequency and shares the same substance.  

Nikola Tesla aptly stated  ”  If you want to find the secrets o the universe think in terms of energy , frequency and vibration.

There are seven notes within a musical scale and seven colors in a rainbow.  Therefore each color carries a vibration.  The color blue vibrates at 587 Hz and is represented in the musical key of D.

If a frequency vibrates fast enough ,  it emits the color of light.  Sound converts to light by raising its frequency by forty octaves.  It vibrates at trillions of cycles per second.  

By raising your vibrational frequency you open the flood gates to abundance, joy, and prosperity.

Everything is energy.  The banana resting on a kitchen table carries a vibrational frequency.  The kitchen table has a vibrational frequency.  

From the sacred teachings of King Salomon I have discovered that we control and create our reality. When we take responsibility for our energy and life and meditate and work on improving ourselves ( addressing our negative ego)  then we can correct the flaws and correct them.  We can transform the destructive behavior patterns and increase our positive vibrational frequency.

Therefore to create joy we must concentrate and create joy that feeling within ourselves.

As you do this you also strengthen your life force and will and stay firm in completing the tasks and things to move forward to achieving our life purpose.  You begin to follow he necessary steps to create the life you want to lead.

Therefore the more positive we maintain our thoughts we then raise our vibrational frequenvy and then create the life we want to live.  

So I wish for my readers to understand and utilize this knowledge to create the life you want and are mindful to utilize actions that assist you in increasing your vibrational frequency.  Utilize your knowledge maintain a gratitude journal,  listen to positive speeches and surround yourself with successful people and meditate.

Treat yourself with respect see your beauty and royalty and your divinity.  Treat each day as if it’s your last . 

Live well and prosper.   Live well and increase your vibrational frequency and maintain yourself at a high vibrational frequency.