Blog 11 What is Joy and How Do I Stay Joyful ?

Joy is a permanent state where one is full of joy.  It is not dependent on a set of circumstances no matter what the situation you are joyful.   It may be your faith that motivates you to feel joyful knowing that the One is always with you and has your back.

So now how do I maintain that state of joy ?  

Work on  a project that brings you joy.  Perhaps you’ve been meaning to complete writing that book do it . 

I’ve found spending time with children brings me joy.  Therefore I may go visit my friends and share some time with their children or may volunteer to babysit them. Or I may volunteer to assist in a preschool setting helping the children with a project and other tasks.  Kids are always basically joyful and their joy is infection.  They respond to love and acceptance of who they are .

If you don’t have a pet perhaps volunteer at a no kill animal shelter and   spend some time with the animals walking them feeding them and petting them.  Animals are full of unconditional love and will reciprocate love to you.

Do something fun  go to a park and run or power walk that may bring you joy.  Or visit an arboratum or visit a zoo or historical site.

Self care to relieve stress and increase your joy  .  Get a massage or exercise attend that spin class you’ve been meaning to attend and keep on putting off.  Get a facial and head massage.  All of these things  assist us  in reducing stress and puts us into a calm relaxed state of mind and body.

Eat healthy and stay hydrated .  The healthier and more invigorated you feel the more relaxed and clearer  is our state of mind and body.  This assists in our maintaining and feeling joy all the time.

Always smile and maintain that smile .  People are attracted to someone who smiles and your interactions will be joyful.  Also smiling affects our own state of mind .  Our body organs react to it it sends positive signals to our body and its organs and to our brain.  

Happiness is fleeting and Joy is ever present .  These are just my thoughts and suggestions on how to be in joy and maintain that state of joy.