Blog 10 5 Ways to Become an Optimist

In today’s world it’s difficult to stay positive 100 % of the time.  Let’s face it life happens for example you call up a friend and in the conversation they bring up the fact that one of your colleagues died.  You’re upset that no one informed you and that.

Secondly keep track of what you say to others …keep a journal and you may find that you often are expressing or communicating to others in a rather negative manner.  Once you understand your pattern check yourself before you talk or interact with others and remain positive and present in the moment.  Looking to the past or the future does not serve us just be present and mindful of your interactions with others and you will see your interactions shift into a positive one and you may grow your social network.  People enjoy being around a positive person and avoid the negative people the people who create drama all around them.

Thirdly  listen to positive speeches such as Dr Proctor , Lisa Nichols,  Tony Robbins, and Gudni Gudnason.  You will find if you listen everyday to positive messages and affirmations you will start living a more positive and your possibilities and situations to create a life you wish to have will come to fruition.

Fourthly  treat everyone around you with compassion not with sympathy .  You do not serve them or their situation with phrases like  ” everything will be all right you’ll see”  ” time heals all wounds”  If you don’t know what to say be honest just say so but let them know you’re there for them .  You hear them you acknowledge them.

Fifthly forgive yourself and others.  It may take time but at least acknowledge your past mistakes and then let them go.  You may need to go for some counseling whereby you can discuss things in  a private setting where there is some anonymity and sense of safety.  

Self care is essential in this process.  When we take the time to care for ourselves for instance,  go to a spa, get a facial or massage we are not only feeling better but our body responds and sends out neural messages and increases positive hormones and chemicals that when released affect our health and body organs and our mind.

Bearing this in mind and keeping a journal on your thoughts for the day and what triggered you to answer someone or speak to then in a negative manner will eventually change when you become conscious and make a conscious choice to change.

 So as from the teaching from the lineage of King Salomon:  ” It is by will alone that I set my mind in motion ” and ”  As it is above so it is Below”  .  When we want to make a change we need to definetely want to do so and then we take this idea and plan how to do so and then set things in motion and take action.  Without taking action we cannot change anything.  

So in summary :  set up and make a plan a structured one ..get up at the same time every morning and then begin with meditation and prayers and then begin your day.

You will have positive affirmations written and placed where you can see them.  Repetitive visual stimulation and then verbally stating your affirmation assists you to eventually internalize these positive affirmations and then they become a part of you.  

Then begin your set plan of action and begin to set into motion. Each day you are building a foundation and creating the changes that eventually lead you to your desired goal.

Wishing everyone success on their journey in life.

These are suggestions you can incorporate them or not .  It’s your decision or you may be spurred to embellish it and create a plan that works for you.  Remember ” It is by will alone that I set my mind in motion”.