“Phyllis Livera is a very talented psychic who comes from her heart. She is gentle and respectful and makes you feel great about yourself.”

ChristineNew Jersey

“Phyllis is a teacher who brings to her classes, a different view and experience. She is humble but powerful as the two go hand in hand. They are synonymous with each other. Phyllis has a beautiful connection and deeply personal connection to the astral and Angelic realms and a deep abiding Faith in The Light. Phyllis will bring down the energy! Love is after all the most awesome energy in the universe!

A profound experience awaits.”

BillNew Jersey

“I was very depressed and constantly crying for months and am on antidepressants and still nothing was helping.  I was in Warren NJ and saw her sign and center and called her and she promptly setup an appointment for me.  I had a life activation and have not been crying since the activation and have gained strength and clarity.  I also had a cord release and spell reversal several days later and can verify that it is truly powerful.

I strongly recommend you see Phyllis Francene for healings and classes and meditations.  Thanks once again for giving me back my life and strength.”

Marie A

“Your reading was so clear and accurate it reflected your open hearth and the clarity of your readings. I am so happy I found the answers I was looking for plus more. Your shape-shifter card readings are amazing but more amazing is you and your energy.”

CarlosNew Jersey

“I was stuck in place and did not care much about anything.  Just working all the time no enjoyment in my life.  I had a life activation and things shifted slowly.  I would strongly recommend to anyone to go see Phyllis Francene and get a life activation.  It changed my life and I hope it will do the same for you.”

Donna B

“Phyllis has a passion for what she does and it shows. You can count on letting go and being your self with her as well as witnessing her honesty, generosity, wealth of knowledge, and youthful nature.”

IvanNew Jersey

“Phyllis has a passion for her work and I can testify that all her predictions for me have come to pass..She was accurate and came from her heart. She believes in empowerment and is not about drama. I felt the energies and felt at peace during the reading and would recommend her for psychic healings and energy healings and classes and initiations.”

George M

” I recently had a Soul Retrieval with Phyllis Fran and it was a very deep and profound session which brought a lot of clarity . She is a powerful healer with strong intuitive abilities and am so grateful for her skills! As she gently guided me, I was able to see where certain traumas held me back and fractured a part of my being. I was finally ready to move forward in my life and this process helped me feel more whole and myself than I have felt in a long time. Looking forward to other types of sessions with her. Thank you Phyllis Fran! ” Ann S.