Why does the Modern Mystery School require recertifications to continue to be an energy healer and guide and teacher

The world is changing both physically and in vibrational frequencies.  The news is full of information regarding the changes in the weather, extinction of animal species, geographical changes in the earth’s typography.  The emergence of new islands, volcanoes and dormant volcanoes awakening and erupting and because of the earth and climate changes also provides evidence that with these changes we as humans are either evolving and moving into a higher frequency state of existence or some remain in the third dimension. 

Keeping this in mind we recognize that we need to adjust our healings, our teachings and methodologies regarding our interactions with our clients and with one another on this planet.  Hence the Modern Mystery School evolves and changes some of these techniques dependant on the frequency changes occurring on this planet.

Therefore retesting yearly how we perform the life activation and healings, teaching and guidehood on our clients is tantamount to providing them with the latest and most accurate methods that lead to their healings and evolution into higher states of consciousness and optimal health. 

I recently attended our recertification programs and out of about 340 healers only 15% needed to repeat and be reevaluated and tested on their energy and delivery of the life activations and healings at the highest level of frequency needed to assist our clients.

Yes recertification and testing is stressful but in the long run it is of optimum value as we leave the program and recertification with renewed confidence and skill in our delivery of the activations and healings.

Therefore I would recommend that if you are a healer in another modality or lineage you may choose to seek out our programs and may choose to want to pursue being a life activation practitioner.   

As the school has evolved and grown I have found that the international teachers and healers and the administration along with founder Gudni Gudnason, Ipississimus Hideto Nakagome and Dave Lanyon have compassion and caring and assist all in evolving and becoming the best healers, teachers and guides that they can be.  

May 25th 2019