Why Learn about the Tree of Life and the Universal Kabbalah

The Tree of Life represents every aspect of our being : spiritual, mental .physical and emotional.  Each sephirah represents a part of our body and its related organs.  It has an angel, a planet, a color. and an animal totem, that represents that sephiroth and the energies it exudes and creates.

The study of the Universal Kabbalah in the Modern Mystery School tradition is done through a series of ascensions in which the group enters and in the next several months will engage either in person or by zoom to report to his /her group what his or her life has been since climbing up the tree.

After the four ascensions up the tree then over the weekend they go on a spiritual retreat at a specific location and share meals room and board with the Kabbalah instructor and all the Kabbalah members.

Hold the knowledge passed onto to you and sacred and not to be shared with anyone outside of your Kabbalah study group.  Kabbalah is a search for the truth of our existence and how we came to be and our purpose in life. It tackles the questions Who AM I .?  Why am I here?  Why choose this family?  What is my purpose? What is my contract with God/ or whatever your belief system holds in the highest esteem. ( Buddha, Krishna, Brahma ).

The purpose is To Know Thyself so that whatever challenges we face in life or in the spiritual we can address , conquer, and move forward and never be stagnant.  Stagnation creates passitivity, laziness, depression, self pity, doubt and anger.  Kabbalah allows us to see our faults and correct them.  It provides us with a means to forgive ourselves and those around us.

Join us on this journey into the Universal Kabbalah.  Find your true self and know its vices and virtues.  Learn the Kabbalistic way of resolving issues.

Be at peace and Fiat Lux !!!!

Phyllis Francene ( Fran)