How do You Help a Client who Has recently Suffered from the Effects of Physical and Mental Domestic Violence?

This topic is very dear to my heart on a personal note.  I sustained mental and physical abuse at the hands of my husband.  He had a very supportive family whereas I had a distant family. 

I made a lot of incorrect decisions because of the trauma I had sustained prior to meeting him.  Because of that and the natural instinct to protect myself from harm I chose to seek what I thought was love but was actually not be alone and feeling protected.  But I had poor judgement based on how I was treated at home and therefore being treated badly was normal to me.  

Knowing and understanding your client’s plight but not becoming sympathetic and remaining objective is critical in assisting them to achieve an optimum state of mental health and physical health.

I did go for counseling at a domestic violence center.  It assisted me with being able to express myself and the traumas I had endured both with my husband and in past relationships prior to the marriage.

This is what I discovered on my spiritual path:  The life activation jump started me and I saw the world around me differently.  I was motivated and then with an emotional cord release and removal of negative energies prayer I was able to go beyond my comfort zone .  I heard the word magick mentioned in an introduction to the study of the Universal Kabbalah and did not overeact and become opinionated and close minded.  I embrace the Tree of Life and decided to study and be a part of the Universal Kabbalah community.  Despite the stresses and anxieties from my job and litigation i was able to journey up the tree for next 9 months.  I successfully completed that journey despite not fully embracing it and studying it.  I would have achieved more had a judiciously studied the Kabbalah as I journeyed up the Tree of Life.

During this time I received other healings such as the King Solomon Healing Modalities and then 

an initiate in the lineage of King Solomon .  Later on I became a life activation practitioner and healer and teacher of metaphysics.  All of this was achieved because I never gave up and just kept on continuing on the spiritual path.

I could feel it in my heart that this is the correct path for me take.

So from my own personal experience of being a person who survived domestic violence;  I can confidently develop a package for these women and men to enable them to go beyond their comfort zone and move forward in their lives and get to know themselves.  When we know ourselves we can achieve anything  and we need to respect our environment , the air, and plants and animals  and treat them with reverence.

When you goand  do this for yourself ,  your self confidence soars ,  you are no longer the victim;  you are the conqueror of your negative ego and of memories and things that no longer serve.  You can find and have a positive understanding of what life is about.  You learn  how to achieve what you need and create the kingdom you want for yourself your family and those around you.

My wish is that everyone recognizes their regalness,  joy, abundance and understand that the Hierarchy of Light and the ONE will never leave but will stand beside you and protect you on your spiritual quest.

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May the heavens watch over you and may serve and live your life in the light always.