Blog 28 Why is it so Difficult to Have Free Will and To Be Responsible for Our Lives

We need to take responsibility for our lives and the choices we make.  But what happens when our world appears to be turned inside and out.   When we’re out of our comfort zone when we have changed jobs and perhaps chosen one that puts us out of our comfort zone.   We worked for years in a profession run by a corporation or an institution and decide to work for ourselves.  This can be very difficult as now we have to set and organize our days.  We are just doing the same thing from day to day.  We have to set our schedule and determine how to become known and successful.  We are running our lives and cannot be affected by temptation .  

In these circumstances we need to perhaps learn new skills and take courses that will enhance our skills as an entrepreneur or we may need to hire a life coach.  It is always best to be accountable not to ourselves but to another person who will lift us up when we’re down and will offer realistic advice on how to achieve the goals we want to accomplish.

We need to choose wisely and develop strategies that will enhance the business and assist us with our goals.

Therefore establish a set schedule and a regimen that will assist  us in staying focused with  our work and business.  Then we can more easily manage and attain our goals.