Blog 26 How to Develop Your Psychic Intuition ?

Believe it or not all of us have psychic abilities.  Some people are born with no veils meaning they are not affected prior to birth from having the gift of sight or hearing and may have premonitions of events prior to them occurring .   But what about the average person that does not have the gift of sight or hearing or foreseeing.  The Modern Mystery School actually teaches a course entitled How to Develop Your Spiritual Intuition.  Basically in this course you learn to apply exercises that develop your hearing seeing and ability to trust your inner guidance.  You learn how you  become the captain of your ship and do not rely on soothsayers or psychics for answers to questions about your life and how achieve your goals.

You are provided exercises that actually allow you within about 3 months of time to have increased each ability by 10%.

Did you know that we only utilize about   %  of our conscious mind and about 85% is operated by our subconscious mind?

I cannot provide you with this information in this blog but can recommend that you attend the workshop when it’s available in your area.

I can guide you to observe what is around you and to test your senses .  Look closely at your surroundings  and then try to recall the placement of certain objects or things in that area.  You will be surprised at how quickly you can expand your consciousness and what is all around you.  Your world will expand.

Also playing chess, Sudoko puzzles and the rubric cube assists to expand your consciousness.  As you enhance your skills you may attract more abundance and the people that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Exercise is also a means of increasing our blood supply and also assists us in the transmission of electrical stimulations to the brain and also enables the messages from the neuron to the axons to move with ease and transmit it throughout the brain and into the CNS .  Exercise enhances our cognition, leads to brain rejuvenation and prevents the effects of aging on the brain.  

A study was done of nuns in a convent and they consented to be part of a study on the effects of Alzheimers’ on the brain.  They also agreed to have brain autopsies performed on their corpses post mortem.

One of the sisters was aged 87 and was totally spry and quick witted and spent every evening doing crossword puzzles and playing chess and checkers with the other older sisters.  Upon her death it was noted that even though her brain showed evidence of Alzheimers her activities that enhanced  her brain capan iin capacity and ability to communicate and remember things.


Being outdoors and enjoying the sunlight increases melatonin production and also the production of Vit D3 .  With the increased production of melatonin the person is able to sleep soundly , be calmer and maintain a positive attitude .  Vitamin D3 also assists with a positive attitude and also maintains supple bones and as one ages the possibility of broken bones or hip and knee problems is lessened.


Reading a book and engaging in activities that peak one’s interest and imagination in life also assists the brain to stay young and free of diseases that diminish the brain function as one ages in life.


Therefore barring any accidents or other injuries in life we can maintain good cognitive function and enhance it and achieve a very rewarding and fullfilling life up to and including our elderly years.