Blog 25 What is Agape Love ?

AGAPE LOVE the love Christ has for all.  He loves all of us despite what we may have done in our lives.  The Kabbalah teaches us to aim high and to be truly free of all that does not serve we are not ruled by our emotions or feelings but in a very spiritual way.  You may not like somebody but you can love them.  

You set boundaries and don’t let people walk over you and become a martyr or a victim.  You recognize the divinity within yourselves and everyone around you.  Your outlook on life changes and you move about free of attachments and now move with an ease and grace that you can do anything and can be anything that you want to be.  You also recognize your divine purpose and pursue those things that enable you and assist in your achieving your divine mission on earth.  For some it is to be a healer : you pursue a degree in medicine or in nursing or another aspect of the healthcare profession.  For others you may seek to be limo driver .  You enjoy driving people to their destination and speaking with them.

Flow this love is not the easiest but when it occurs miracles happen.  Things seem to flow in a positive and synchronous manner.  For example you may have lost your job but suddenly you’re in the coffee shop speaking to someone about what happened and suddenly they mention they know of someone or a company looking for someone with your credentials.  You set up an interview the following day and within 5 dys you’re hired .  So as you can see when one door closes another door opens

I have experienced that when  I use agape love in my healing work and I feel the presence of Angels and of Christ as present during this work.

None of this is easy and the more free choice one has the more difficult are the temptations presented before me .  Why is this ?  I believe that it is easy to be negative and to just follow our carnal desires.  To lead a holy and exemplary life is difficult but I have found that utilizing the tools provided to me by the school enables me to perform these tasks and enable to do this work .