Blog 24 Do You Believe in Angels ? I Do Believe and I Will Tell You About Angels

From early childhood I have experienced the presence of angels.  Angels can come to us in many forms such as :  protectors warriors, healers, teachers, and mediators between our moving across the veil.

Here are some of my encounters :  I was in a very dangerous situation  I was dying and was 7 yrs old from scarlet fever.  I clearly recall the doctor in Italy stating in Italian she’s going to die .  My mother decided to nurse me at home as I was dying.  My mother nursed me but contacted many relatives in the US to pray for my recovery.  Well what happened was I recall myself out of my body and looking at the bed and hearing a being to the left of me staying you can stay or you can go your choice.  I decided to stay and was given the highest dose of a drug to combat that disease.  Miraculously at no point in time was I hospitalized for the scarlet fever.

I met a very dangerous man through someone who worked in the hospital I worked in.  What occurred was he suffered from PTSD and also was partially psychotic from his experience in Vietnam.  He also later on I found this out suffered from the effect of Agent Orange.  Well one evening he decided to scare me and appeared to be sleeping but suddenly some creature appeared.  I could hear and feel it but could not see it.  It sounded like a hound of hell.  All the kittens and cats he had in the house jumped onto the roof to escape this thing.  I kept on trying to awaken him and he wouldn’t awaken.  The thing came over to my left side and as it was about to touch me I was yelling out the prayer ” The Our Father ”  .  Suddenly I saw a sword coming from the window and shining brightly and as it did the thing seemed to be sucked up by the sword .  The energy of the entire room grew peaceful and the cats and kittens came back inside.

Another time I experienced something strange … a friend wanted me to take their black female dog named Missy  .  Well I could not take her with me as my super did not allow pets in the apartments.  So that night I awoke in a start and saw the dog staring at me with blood red eyes .  Something told me she was dead.  Sure enough the dog wasn’t on my friend’s property and someone stated he had taken the dog for a walk in the woods and heard a gunshot and never saw the dog again.   I believe my angel wanted me to realize the danger I was in and that is why the dog appeared in my dream.

I was driving home one night and had a flat and it was 1 am and I had to be at work at 7am.  I was walking down a bridge and this man kept on stopping trying to pick me up and I said no I’m fine thanks.  II prayed to St Michael the Archangel and asked for help I was in fear for my life.  This man had a strange box alongside him.  Suddenly a state trooper pulled up behind me he was absolutely handsome blond hair blue eyes steely and a glow all around him and he asked me what ‘s going on he called for a tow truck to help me out and asked me and I told him about the strange man and my fear that he was dangerous.  Suddenly the officer called in for back up and drove as fast as could be. Well as I was driving back once the tire was repaired  I saw a few miles up the road what seemed like a group of people looking at something which looked like the that car was empty and the state trooper was no where.  I still believe to this day that was an angel who protected me at my time in need and assisted me in being able to drive home and be at work at 7am.


I could continue to cite many other experiences and have learned a lot in the study of the Universal Kabbalah as taught by the Modern Mystery School.   All I can say is that we need to discern good vs evil and discern good angels from others.  Choose to believe or not believe the choice is yours.  I believe that we are eternal spiritual beings living in a physcical body to experience life in this physical dimension and reality.