Blog 12 What is kindness and how does it affect our state of being and influence the world around us ?

” Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Affection, gentleness, warmth, concern, and care are words that are associated with kindness. While kindness has a connotation of meaning someone is naive or weak, that is not the case. Being kind often requires courage and strength. Kindness is an interpersonal skill.”  Karyn Hall PH.D.  ”  Pieces of the Mind”  2017.

How do I explain kindness to my readers ?  Well I will give you a visual  … I want you first to clear your mind take a few cleansing breaths first in through your nose and out through your breath .  as you do this visualize the light from Source coming through your crown chakra ( top of your head) and radiating down the middle of your body toward mother earth . This energy moves up and down and vitalizes you. A s you breathe and let go of all the thoughts and worries of the day and relax your body from your feet up to your head .  Once you complete your  fourth breath and feel totally relaxed open your eyes and continue to read this but as you do imagine you are looking at a movie and you are in this movie…now continue reading

Imagine that one day on your way to the local coffee shop you see a homeless man/woman sitting close to the front of the store he/she has a small bowl and you see a couple of pennies in the bowl.  You approach this person and ask him/her if she /he would like to get something to eat and drink.  They say yes and the two of you enter the coffee shop  . You ask him/her what they would like to order and they say a cup of black coffee and a sandwich.  You ask them what kind of sandwich.. you see how emaciated and unkempt they appear to be and you order something substantial to eat. As you do this the person behind you is impressed  by what you’ve done ;  so  they ask this homeless person  if he’d she’d  like a dessert.  The homeless person says yes and they buy him a chocolate chip cookie.  Then in turn the waiter ‘s super is present and says as you’re about to pay for this meal .  That’s ok its on us.

The man/woman who paid for the homeless person’s cookie now leaves the store and is late for his bus to the airport.  He/she is upset and doesn’t know what to do .  A man who left walking behind from the coffee shop sees and asks him/her what’s up and he says to him I’m a limo driver and on break right now .  I can call this in and give you a ride to the airport. 

The limo driver drops him/her at the airport and helps them with their baggage .  The man/woman safely reach their gate .  The limo driver goes back to the limo and he/she is doing so someone catches his eye he sees a child crying who is lost and can’t find his/her mother.  the limo driver takes the child to the airport security and they announce over the speaker the child’s name and his/her mother comes rushing to the security officer and the mother is reunited with her child.  She offers the man a reward of $100 which he/she declines on taking but she insists he/she takes it.

The limo driver drives off to pick up another passenger and his/her day continues on  and  he/she feels joyful.

In the meantime the homeless man / woman walks out of the coffee shop to see about two doors down a charity event being offered by a hair salon.  Free haircut and style and shave for the first 10 customers.  The homeless man /woman goes into the salon  and the hairdresser not only cuts and styles their hair but also dyes it .   The Man/woman look totally transformed and the hairdresser offers this man/woman a set of brand new clothes that she was going to bring to a thrift shop. The clothes fit him/her perfectly and he/she exit the salon looking totally different.  Across from the hair salon there’s an unemployment office and they decide to try their luck at getting a  job.

They get an offer for a new job and the unemployment employee refers them to social worker who is able to find them housing under a special program.

This scenario could go on and on because everyone who was in the coffee shop that day was affected by this act of kindness and in turn they extended it to those whom they encountered that day.

It would be awesome if everyday we saw this happening and were part of this acting with kindness and respect for all the people and creature of the  earth that we encounter.

May your days be filled with love, abundance, joy , laughter and hope and kindness !!!!