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Blog III My Observations About Energy Healing

Blog  III  My Observations About Energy Healing


One thing as a healer that I need to always be cognizant of is that if a person does not believe they can be healed or has an emotional block and does not believe they can be healed or are worthy of healing they will not be healed.  As humans we are active participants in this work and in our lives through our thoughts that we create all that is around us.  A negative thought or emotional block leads to barriers so that the energy to heal cannot enter that person’s energetic field.

 Luckily the reason I utilize the sacred tools handed  to me from the time of King Salomon ,  I know and have found that once a person receives a life activation they are more receptive to holding light and energetically open up their structure to receive healing.  How does that happen?  The more energy and light that is received from Source ( whatever your belief is ) the more your energy fields are able to hold and receive light. 

 Also having a healthy support system assists with our healing.  It can be from family, friends or a community of like minded individuals that assist you in becoming the best you can be and finding your truth and purpose in life. 

You may find you may be drawn to becoming a life activation practitioner and may also want to teach people and offer them a spiritual path of progression. Your goal may be to best parent for your children and be able to assist them in their spiritual and physical growth and progression in life.

 You may be drawn to leadership and may find that you are drawn to leading people on a spiritual path of progression.

Whatever you ask of the universe that is in alignment with the light will be shown and granted to you if it serves the light.

Whatever path you choose as long as it’s in alignment with the light your path will have some rocky parts but things progress and move out of the way quickly when you are in alignment with the light. 

Stay tuned for Blog 4.

What Motivates Me to Do Energy Healing

Blog II 7/3/18
This is my story …why I do energy healing work ? I consider myself from early on in years to have always
sought answers to questions. I was bold enough not tobelieve my parents when thumbtacs had fallen on the
floor and not walk on them.. I did and wound up in the ER.I had two near death experience at the age of 7 and
then in my early 30s . Both injuries were from a car accident.I settled the last accident much to my dismay as I
suffered from back pain from then on.

However it wasn’t till my late 40’s that I became a battered woman and after four years of abuse I ended
the marriage took him to court and he was charged with domestic violence but never spent a full day in jail.
During these traumatic events I entered another realmalsmost a dream like state wherewith I spoke with an
angel at the age of 7 and was asked if I wanted to go and I decided to stay here on earth.
During my second accident I went into spinal shock andwas hospitalized for a concussion and a spinal
misalignment that required PT. I experienced a lot of pain for a couple of years and gradually healed from the
I was a licensed RN and practiced in a major trauma hospital in NJ. It was here that saw miracles they didn’t
always happen immediately in the Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit but there were patients who after a
year of care returned to us to tell us of the miracle of  life they had been given. They all had about a 80%
chance of mortality. I would offer prayers for them with the family’s or parents’ permission and oftentimes
they used the water from the grotto of Lourdes and were healed.
I transitioned out of the STICU and became a liver and combined liver kidney transplant coordinator. It was
then when I had more personal contact with thesepatients that I began how intertwined and interwoven
was the mind, body and soul and spirit connection.  Two patients could be around the same age and have
the same diagnosis and liver transpant surgery yet one would recover and never reject their new liver and the
other patient rejected the liver not just once but a few times. It was these patients that needed more
attention and training to meditate, calm and soothe
their mind and eliminate mind chatter and help restore them to their optimum health.
I was called in to do some energy healing work at times when the answers were not found and the lab reports
Showed again rejection. One thing I learned though if someone does believe they can be healed then they
won’t be healed . That is how powerful our thoughts are . We can create good or bad it’s our life our choice.
Being positive , uplifting and empowering to my clients can some days an undaunting task.
So I as a healer teacher and guide in the lineage of King Solomon must watch my thoughts and actions and treat
all with agape love and compassion.  It’s all about forgiveness of ourselves and others without this we cannot be healed and in turn heal others.
Day 3 I will discuss this topic more in depth.

Why am participating in the 31 day Blogging Challenge

Blog 1
Hi everyone for each day of this month I will be posting
a blog for the 30 day Blogging Challenge
The reasons are we are all unique beings and carry over
many gifts which we need to express to the world today
We are entering a new paradigm and with that change
society will change and people will awaken and become
more cognizant of who they are seeking to know their
true purpose in this lifetime.
Look for Blog II for today July 3, 2018.
The goal is to inspire everyone who reads these blogs to
be inspired, uplifted and willing to seek the path of
Knowing Yourself. Once you find that pearl you are
unstoppable and nothing can change your course of
So now look for Blog II
Peace and Joy
Phyllis Francene
CEO and Founder of Center for Healing and