Blog 18 What to Do When You Feel Stuck in Life ?

What Do you When You Feel Stuck In Life

1.  Know Thyself

One of the most important things in life is to know yourself.  If you don’t you won’t listen to the internal cues .  The subtle feelings you get when you’re around someone who drags you down and literally drains you of all your energy.  You may not be able to know or sense it’s time for you to take a break and in not understanding your internal cues you will turn to others for advice and even to various psychic readers.

Thus when you learn and understand yourself you can literally foresee or sense when it’s time to move out of a relationship or a friendship or living situation.

I have found in my spiritual journey The study of the Kabbalah has taught me to understand my strengths and weaknesess.  To learn what I am truly passionate about and what I am not interested in.  With this understanding it is easier to navigate my life towards specific goals and aim for things that enhance it.


2.  Knowing the Verbal Cues 

All of us have verbal cues or trigger words that either raise us up or drag us down.  Do you normally use negative self talk ? Do you then react to others compliments towards you in a dismissive way.

When you do this you create a self defeatist lifestyle.  The more you engage in  negative self talk and the more negatively you respond to someone who is complimenting you the more you create and attract negative circumstances and negative situations in your life and in turn self defeating friends and family members. 

Our thoughts create things and in turn create the life we are currently living in.  This is often a hard pill to swallow as it is easier to blame someone else for the circumstances we are currently living in.

So the question is:  How do you change your life if that is what you do?    For one thing you need to track your self talk and when you do journal it and then reverse it into a positive statement.

Track when you speak with someone and how and what you say to them .  Review the conversation and write it down.  Notice your trigger words well maybe or anyone could have done that or well you know I just don’t seem to have any luck .   I hate my job but I have to work and make a living right?  and you shrug your shoulders.  The reality is why not write down things that you do well and the positive things you have done for a company or institution you work for.  Once you read them and review all  of your positive qualities then you can look at things quite differently and see the things that you are capable of doing and the fact that yes you deserved that promotion and since you did not get it perhaps it’s time to move on and work in a higher skilled position.


3.  Your living situation affects your life.   If you find you are living in a situation where you are not happy and truly enjoy living in then it’s time for a change.  Maybe your need to declutter your surroundings or you need to redecorate and put on a new coat of paint.  Maybe you’re just not in the right place that makes you flourish and you need to move to another environment. 

For example you are young and single and living in family ville.. Well for sure you’ll not meet an eligible single love partner and heck no you don’t want to pursue a job as a babysitter or nanny move out of there.  Or you may be an older woman/ man looking for a loving relationship.  Well you’ll need to move out of familyville for sure and perhaps live in a hip artist and writer community and ensure you live in a city full of  opportunities for theatre , dance, and other social activities that increase your chances at a fun filled social life.  


4.  Follow your passion.  If you love dance and music pursue it.  That which brings you joy increases your chances of leading a  healthy and productive life.  You will then see the synchronicities and beauty and circumstances that allow you to be you and at the same time engage in a fruitful and productive career that brings joy to everyone around you.  When you smile the world smiles back at you and when you frown the world frowns back at you.  Be the best you can be and be passionate about what you do and can offer to the world around you.




Blog 17 What Does It Mean When I See An Owl in My Life?

The owl represents a magical creature.  The owl is known to fly silently it is not heard.  It has keen vision and can zone in on the prize in darkness and sweep down and capture its prey.  It is the companion of the Goddess Athena and guides soul in the journey through the veil to the other side.  Owls travel through dimensions.  An owls ears are set on higher than another so its hearing is unique.  It hears what is said and processes it and hears things differently through each ear.

So the owl when seen often represents our search to reach our higher self and to contact it.  Your higher self will never lie to you and give you the answers you are seeking . 

The owl is warning me to be silent and listen and discern.  Listen and discern and then speak.  Don’t just talk to talk.  Everything you say can affect you and other people’s lives.  If you speak with cruelty and anger towards another person then they in turn feel this energy and become either angry and deal in turn with cruelty to others . Or as in the bullying in school issues may become so despondent that they harm themselves or another person.  Our words can either make others rise above and beyond their own former goals or can completely shoot them down.

Owls fly to other dimensions they open portals … meditate on the owl and open yourself to move into another dimension.  You may begin in your normal life see things differently .  Nothing looks the same things look different and you begin to see things that you had never seen before.  Other beings may come into your reality.  You may be compelled to change your whole view of life and change jobs. What once resonated with you , no longer resonates with you.  You are energetically vibrating at a higher frequency.  

So my recommendation to you is see and listen to the owl .  Do not fear it as it will open you to a new life and reality and your life will become full of great  joy and adventure.

Blog 16 Music Runs Through My Mind and What Does It Mean To Me?

The Song   ” Potion No. 9″  runs through my mind.  The number nine in numerology represent divine wisdom and initiation.  People who hold the no 9 are very cognizant of their spiritual path and are dedicated to achieving their spiritual life’s purpose.  A person born with the no 9 in his/her birth chart  is full of sage wisdom and is extremely kind.  

During the time of the writing and fame of  ”  Potion  no  9″  The Beatles were exploring their spirituality and became disciples of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi .  They also made an album entitled Revolution 9.  I truly believe that their music was inspired through meditation .  Even in their comedic movies there was a metaphysical theme. 

In the Hermetic Qabbalah no 9 is represented by the Yesod sephiroth.  Yesod is our foundation that when it is strong we can create and manifest all positive things :  abundance prosperity joy and create for ourselves a kingdom that is supportive to attain our spiritual endeavors and fulfill our purpose on earth.  Without a strong foundation one cannot achieve anything and things fall apart.  Hence I have found the study of Qabbalah beneficial in assisting me with conquering my negative ego.  

The King Salomon Modality Healings a series of 11 sessions have assisted me with my spiritual and emotional healing .  The Ensofic Ray Healings sessions a series of 3 sessions also allowed me to create a positive energetic flow within my psyche and will to allow me to manifest the life I want to create.

This is why I offer these healings along with the Life Activation it worked for me.  It was  the first step in my personal spiritual mental and emotional growth and it can be yours.  

I invite you to contact me for a one on one free private spiritual consultation.


Blog 15 How do I Raise my Vibrational Frequency and Why do I want to do this ?

Einstein discovered that matter and energy are interchangeable and is connected by nature.  Hence our physical body is composed of energy and vibrational frequency and shares the same substance.  

Nikola Tesla aptly stated  ”  If you want to find the secrets o the universe think in terms of energy , frequency and vibration.

There are seven notes within a musical scale and seven colors in a rainbow.  Therefore each color carries a vibration.  The color blue vibrates at 587 Hz and is represented in the musical key of D.

If a frequency vibrates fast enough ,  it emits the color of light.  Sound converts to light by raising its frequency by forty octaves.  It vibrates at trillions of cycles per second.  

By raising your vibrational frequency you open the flood gates to abundance, joy, and prosperity.

Everything is energy.  The banana resting on a kitchen table carries a vibrational frequency.  The kitchen table has a vibrational frequency.  

From the sacred teachings of King Salomon I have discovered that we control and create our reality. When we take responsibility for our energy and life and meditate and work on improving ourselves ( addressing our negative ego)  then we can correct the flaws and correct them.  We can transform the destructive behavior patterns and increase our positive vibrational frequency.

Therefore to create joy we must concentrate and create joy that feeling within ourselves.

As you do this you also strengthen your life force and will and stay firm in completing the tasks and things to move forward to achieving our life purpose.  You begin to follow he necessary steps to create the life you want to lead.

Therefore the more positive we maintain our thoughts we then raise our vibrational frequenvy and then create the life we want to live.  

So I wish for my readers to understand and utilize this knowledge to create the life you want and are mindful to utilize actions that assist you in increasing your vibrational frequency.  Utilize your knowledge maintain a gratitude journal,  listen to positive speeches and surround yourself with successful people and meditate.

Treat yourself with respect see your beauty and royalty and your divinity.  Treat each day as if it’s your last . 

Live well and prosper.   Live well and increase your vibrational frequency and maintain yourself at a high vibrational frequency.



Blog 14 What is Chi What does it do for me ?

Throughout my life I have been active exercising and basically eating healthy.  However keeping up with my business which involves a lot of desk work  has led me to slack off and I find myself feeling weak and tired.   I discovered that I needed to develop a schedule that included time to exercise to move my body.

With the new schedule I find that now I’m more energized and able to stay up for longer periods of time and have included not only passive meditation but active meditation in my spiritual practice.

Active meditation provides me a means of increasing my chi force ; and with the increased chi force I am  able to work longer and with time to do other things besides work.  

So what exactly is Chi  and Ki in Japanese tradition is the life force.  It generally is maintained in the Hara region.  it is about 2″ below the belly button.  Through the technique of the Chi Do Moving Meditation which was passed down to me from the sacred lineage of King Salomon.   The moving meditation increases the chi force and as it increases I have more energy and sustainability.  I find when practicing Martial Arts that the more chi I accumulate the more I can be stronger both physically and mentally.

So increasing the Chi force is invaluable .  I read about a Chinese herbalist who was the longest living documented man.

 “Li Ching-Yuen or Li Ching-Yun (simplified Chinese李清云traditional Chinese李清雲pinyinLǐ Qīngyún) (died 6 May 1933) was a Chinese herbalistmartial artist and tactical advisor, known for his supposed extreme longevity.[4][5] He claimed to have been born in 1736, while disputed records suggest 1677. Both claimed lifespans, of 197 and 256 year. ” Wikepedia

He was known to maintain a strict disciplined life which included martial arts and eating herbs.

Based on these things I’ve learned that if you don’t maintain an active lifestyle you age quickly and become unhealthy and in turn die sooner.  Therefore I’ve decided to be more active, organized and structure and become more ritualistic in my daily life.  Not only will I be serving myself but I will be stronger and able to be of better service to my clients and community.


Blog 11 What is Joy and How Do I Stay Joyful ?

Joy is a permanent state where one is full of joy.  It is not dependent on a set of circumstances no matter what the situation you are joyful.   It may be your faith that motivates you to feel joyful knowing that the One is always with you and has your back.

So now how do I maintain that state of joy ?  

Work on  a project that brings you joy.  Perhaps you’ve been meaning to complete writing that book do it . 

I’ve found spending time with children brings me joy.  Therefore I may go visit my friends and share some time with their children or may volunteer to babysit them. Or I may volunteer to assist in a preschool setting helping the children with a project and other tasks.  Kids are always basically joyful and their joy is infection.  They respond to love and acceptance of who they are .

If you don’t have a pet perhaps volunteer at a no kill animal shelter and   spend some time with the animals walking them feeding them and petting them.  Animals are full of unconditional love and will reciprocate love to you.

Do something fun  go to a park and run or power walk that may bring you joy.  Or visit an arboratum or visit a zoo or historical site.

Self care to relieve stress and increase your joy  .  Get a massage or exercise attend that spin class you’ve been meaning to attend and keep on putting off.  Get a facial and head massage.  All of these things  assist us  in reducing stress and puts us into a calm relaxed state of mind and body.

Eat healthy and stay hydrated .  The healthier and more invigorated you feel the more relaxed and clearer  is our state of mind and body.  This assists in our maintaining and feeling joy all the time.

Always smile and maintain that smile .  People are attracted to someone who smiles and your interactions will be joyful.  Also smiling affects our own state of mind .  Our body organs react to it it sends positive signals to our body and its organs and to our brain.  

Happiness is fleeting and Joy is ever present .  These are just my thoughts and suggestions on how to be in joy and maintain that state of joy.


Blog 10 5 Ways to Become an Optimist

In today’s world it’s difficult to stay positive 100 % of the time.  Let’s face it life happens for example you call up a friend and in the conversation they bring up the fact that one of your colleagues died.  You’re upset that no one informed you and that.

Secondly keep track of what you say to others …keep a journal and you may find that you often are expressing or communicating to others in a rather negative manner.  Once you understand your pattern check yourself before you talk or interact with others and remain positive and present in the moment.  Looking to the past or the future does not serve us just be present and mindful of your interactions with others and you will see your interactions shift into a positive one and you may grow your social network.  People enjoy being around a positive person and avoid the negative people the people who create drama all around them.

Thirdly  listen to positive speeches such as Dr Proctor , Lisa Nichols,  Tony Robbins, and Gudni Gudnason.  You will find if you listen everyday to positive messages and affirmations you will start living a more positive and your possibilities and situations to create a life you wish to have will come to fruition.

Fourthly  treat everyone around you with compassion not with sympathy .  You do not serve them or their situation with phrases like  ” everything will be all right you’ll see”  ” time heals all wounds”  If you don’t know what to say be honest just say so but let them know you’re there for them .  You hear them you acknowledge them.

Fifthly forgive yourself and others.  It may take time but at least acknowledge your past mistakes and then let them go.  You may need to go for some counseling whereby you can discuss things in  a private setting where there is some anonymity and sense of safety.  

Self care is essential in this process.  When we take the time to care for ourselves for instance,  go to a spa, get a facial or massage we are not only feeling better but our body responds and sends out neural messages and increases positive hormones and chemicals that when released affect our health and body organs and our mind.

Bearing this in mind and keeping a journal on your thoughts for the day and what triggered you to answer someone or speak to then in a negative manner will eventually change when you become conscious and make a conscious choice to change.

 So as from the teaching from the lineage of King Salomon:  ” It is by will alone that I set my mind in motion ” and ”  As it is above so it is Below”  .  When we want to make a change we need to definetely want to do so and then we take this idea and plan how to do so and then set things in motion and take action.  Without taking action we cannot change anything.  

So in summary :  set up and make a plan a structured one ..get up at the same time every morning and then begin with meditation and prayers and then begin your day.

You will have positive affirmations written and placed where you can see them.  Repetitive visual stimulation and then verbally stating your affirmation assists you to eventually internalize these positive affirmations and then they become a part of you.  

Then begin your set plan of action and begin to set into motion. Each day you are building a foundation and creating the changes that eventually lead you to your desired goal.

Wishing everyone success on their journey in life.

These are suggestions you can incorporate them or not .  It’s your decision or you may be spurred to embellish it and create a plan that works for you.  Remember ” It is by will alone that I set my mind in motion”.

Blog Day 6 Learning to Forgive Myself and Those Around Me

In my earlier years I made the fatal mistake of being conned by a man to whom I had been introduced to by a coworker .  I trusted this coworker as she was an independent and a successful business woman who wound up working for our biomed dept .  

It turned out that her husband was  meeting up with unsavory people and unfortunately I was in one of those desperate times of thinking that my biological was ticking and needed to meet the man of my dreams and have the house with the white picket fence immediately. 

However this was far from the case and without getting into further details he wound up in jail and had liquidated all my funds and I was left literally alone with only a dime in my pocket .

Well because of all the pressure and pain and sorrow this man caused in my life it affected my family.  My family decided that I was too stupid and blamed me for their problems as this man ( he was a con man) also affected my father’s financial and living situation.  He was left to remortgage a home he had paid for in full because Mr Con Man had my dad sign over his home as collateral in case something happened to the conman’s property.

Well once Mr  Con Man hit jail and I realized what a liar and devious person he was  I thought well I had a diamond ring he gave perhaps since the appraisal stated it was worth $20,000 that perhaps I could sell it to a jewelry store owner who was known to buy jewelry from his customers?

Alas the day for meeting with the jeweler arrived.   He compassionately heard my story and applied  his  diamond loupe to his left eye .   He quickly removed the diamond loupe and shook his head and stated he never encountered this before.  I’m so sorry he said but the diamond ring is pure glass and is not even a  zirconia.  Well what a creep ?  He probably at some point switched the ring and had the real diamond in his possession.

Well of course following this event ;  everyone in the family shunned me .

My father tried allowing me to live with him but it was difficult as I owed him money and well had to start over from ground zero.

Following this experience and the fact I had to go back to work quickly as I was broke and had to declare bankruptcy .  It turned out that I did not until later on in life,  fully understand the ramifications of my experiences living with this conman and learning he had betrayed me .   That the toll of  losing family and acquaintances in the process was more painful to bear than I had imagined.

During the years following this experience I made poor choices in relationships never recognizing that I was suffering from PTSD.

How did I regain my sanity and learn to forgive those that held me so accountable for a mistake I made ?   Through therapy  I learned that it  was due to the fact that I did not have a strong male figure in my early developmental years of my life and this was compounded by the dysfunctional family dynamics and the dysfunctional school system I had to deal with.

My mother had struggled  to keep us alive and healthy;  while my father stayed in Europe studying medicine.  I lived with an aunt who despised me and a grandmother who was almost totally deaf and was a student studying  in a  very prejudiced school system. I struggled in school and it was in these unhealthy environments that  I could not thrive or learn.

My siblings have little recollection about my struggles or the dysfunctionality of my aunt’s relationship towards me and how her ( my mother’s sisters)  allowed my aunt to poison them and make them silent partners rather than champions towards the welfare of an innocent child.   My two siblings  were considered smarter and actually excelled in school and were accepted into the best of colleges.

I on the other hand wound up on the waitlist and was finally accepted into a local university and struggled in the overwhelming large college campus environment.

It was towards the end of my college days and working first as a child psychology tester for the state of NJ and then working in clerical environment,  that I found my passion which was medicine.

I became an RN in the state of NJ and moved up the career ladder till I found my passion in surgical trauma intensive care.  It was here I found people of like minded goals and comraderie and saw many miracles.

I did not learn from my earlier mistakes as the PTSD was not addressed .  It was through trial and error and seeking counseling that I discovered I was not a mistake .  I had a purpose in life and that I did not cause hardship on my family.  It was the conman who did and he according to the FBI was the best in the state of NJ.

Through this struggle with guilt and being constantly ignored and not invited to family functions for over 15 years and still to this day ;  that I realized the missing piece in the equation was my spirituality that somehow my relationship with God could either turn these events into a positive or a negative. 

That is how I found the Modern Mystery School and discovered what my purpose in life was.   It was to help others heal from traumas and also offer them a path of progression where in turn they could help others heal psychologically, spiritually and physically.  

Through these struggles I learned not to hold onto guilt and shame but release it to the universe and forgive myself then once I did that I could in turn forgive those in the family who shunned me.  They may never invite me to any gatherings or events and may selectively inform me only of relative’s deaths but not their hospitalizations prior to their demise;  but I in turn I need to let them be.  

There is a saying that time heals all wounds but that is not true.  It is only in our facing that which wounded us and understanding why we actively chose at that point in time to be wounded , that in turn we can forgive ourselves.  Sometimes the wounds seem beyond our understanding and the inflicted pain and suffering seem worthless.   But I have learned to give it meaning by offering up so that others can learn from my mistakes and also where I in turn can help them heal from their wounds.

My wish for everyone is to know you are never alone and that there is always someone struggling with pain or sorrow and that from our personal experiences we in turn can help each other grow and heal emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  We can guide them to be the best that  they can be.  Life is precious and we need to live every day as if it was our last.

Phyllis Francene Livera BA psychology RN BSN guide healer and teacher in the sacred lineage of King Salomon as taught and handed down by founder Gudni

CEO and founder of the Center for Healing and Empowerment


Happy 4th of July 2018 Blog 4

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Blog 5 The Benefits of Meditation

Given all the buzz, it’s tempting to see meditation as trendy, but really it’s a thousand-year-old practice of calming the mind and halting day-to-day stressors. And doing so benefits every area of life, says Josh Korda, dharma teacher at Dharma Punx NYC.

See, when you meditate, you put your guard down, let energy in, and get yourself out of a stressful self-defense mode, says Sonia Choquette, a meditation teacher with more than 35 years of experience. “It’s pressing a pause button and giving yourself room to breathe,” she says. “And when you have room to breathe, you access your greater potential and your greater state of being.” It can also even out your mood and energy levels, says Gabrielle Bernstein, a certified meditation teacher and New York Times best-selling author. “We experience more even-keeled energy,” she says. “And that expands to how we show up in the world.”

With those kinds of benefits, why isn’t everyone (and their mother) meditating? Well, skeptics might be turned off by the negative—and false—stereotype that meditation is hippie-dippy and too good to be true. But there’s plenty of solid evidence to satisfy all the naysayers out there. And even better, science suggests you may experience the brain benefits related to the practice even when you’re not actively meditating . Plus, it may even help you save money on your healthcare .

Need more convincing? Here’s 19 awesome, science-backed benefits of meditation!  With more and more people touting its life-changing benefits (we’re looking at you, Anderson Cooper!), it’s safe to say that meditation has gone mainstream. But unlike questionable cleanses, this practice can do your body, mind, and entire existence a whole lot of good.

Given all the buzz, it’s tempting to see meditation as trendy, but really it’s a thousand-year-old practice of calming the mind and halting day-to-day stressors. And doing so benefits every area of life, says Josh Korda, dharma teacher at Dharma Punx NYC.

See, when you meditate, you put your guard down, let energy in, and get yourself out of a stressful self-defense mode, says Sonia Choquette, a meditation teacher with more than 35 years of experience. “It’s pressing a pause button and giving yourself room to breathe,” she says. “And when you have room to breathe, you access your greater potential and your greater state of being.” It can also even out your mood and energy levels, says Gabrielle Bernstein, a certified meditation teacher and New York Times best-selling author. “We experience more even-keeled energy,” she says. “And that expands to how we show up in the world.”

With those kinds of benefits, why isn’t everyone (and their mother) meditating? Well, skeptics might be turned off by the negative—and false—stereotype that meditation is hippie-dippy and too good to be true. But there’s plenty of solid evidence to satisfy all the naysayers out there. And even better, science suggests you may experience the brain benefits related to the practice even when you’re not actively meditating . Plus, it may even help you save money on your healthcare .

Need more convincing? Here’s 19 awesome, science-backed benefits of meditation!

1. Ditch depression.

Research suggests that 30 minutes of meditation improves depression symptoms (along with anxiety and pain) . In fact, the practice could possibly prevent depression and pain altogether—scientists discovered that people who meditate may have more control over how their brains process and pay attention to negative sensations (like pain) and negative thoughts (like depression triggers).

2. Stress less.

Nix those nail-biting moments already. When you meditate, you’re able to override a part of the brain responsible for the fear mechanism (which releases cortisol, the damaging stress hormone that’s responsible for a whole grab bag of health issues), says Korda. One study suggests that meditation can cut back on anxiety by almost 40 percent . And it doesn’t take a ton of time to reap these keep-calm-and-carry-on benefits. Just 25 minutes of meditation (done three times per week) may make tasks feel less stressful, according to recent research .

3. Relieve headaches.

Meditation may be an excellent line of defense against those horrible head-pounding episodes. Recent research finds that the practice leads to major relief of tension headaches (though it’s worth noting that the treatment program in this study involved both meditation and medication, like muscle relaxants) .

4. Be nicer.

Meditation may help you kill ‘em with kindness. In one study, the practice was linked with more empathy and laughter, being more social, and having a more team-oriented mentality (the meditation practitioners in the study used the word “we” more than “I”).

5. Boost memory.

If your desktop is wallpapered with sticky note reminders and you often find your mind jumping from thought to thought, you may want to turn to meditation. It’s been shown to not only improve memory but to help cut back on distracting thoughts .

6. Get more out of your workout.

Exercise, especially HIIT workouts in full-blown #beastmode, can do a number on your muscles and your central nervous system But meditation allows you to rest your body and mind very deeply, removing stress from your physiology and priming you for excellent sweat sessions, says Ben Turshen, a former lawyer who’s now a fitness professional and qualified independent teacher of Vedic Meditation in New York City. With meditation’s ability to reduce our stress levels, we’re able to perform our workouts that much better and enjoy them that much more, he says. And studies supportTurshen’s point. Plus, meditation might also help minimize sensitivity to pain (read on for deets on that!), meaning it might be just the boost you need to take on new fitness challenges.

7. Keep colds away.

No need to buy that jumbo 12-pack of tissue boxes. Research links meditation with having fewer respiratory illnesses, quicker recovery times, and needing fewer sick days from work .

8. Build better relationships.

Meditation will absolutely help you maintain healthy relationships, say Bernstein and Korda. Not only does it let you be more present in relationships, but it also helps you approach tricky situations with a calm mind and body. In fact, it may help you avoid big blowouts when dealing with a relationship issue (he/she said what?!). In one study, people who meditated and tried to problem-solve with their partner approached the issue with less hostility and a better mood .

9. Protect your heart.

Here’s a pretty great (and totally unexpected) way to boost your heart health—no burpees involved. Yep, we’re talking about meditation! In one study, patients with coronary heart disease who practiced meditation had a reduced risk of heart attack, stroke, and even death .