Blog 26 How to Develop Your Psychic Intuition ?

Believe it or not all of us have psychic abilities.  Some people are born with no veils meaning they are not affected prior to birth from having the gift of sight or hearing and may have premonitions of events prior to them occurring .   But what about the average person that does not have the gift of sight or hearing or foreseeing.  The Modern Mystery School actually teaches a course entitled How to Develop Your Spiritual Intuition.  Basically in this course you learn to apply exercises that develop your hearing seeing and ability to trust your inner guidance.  You learn how you  become the captain of your ship and do not rely on soothsayers or psychics for answers to questions about your life and how achieve your goals.

You are provided exercises that actually allow you within about 3 months of time to have increased each ability by 10%.

Did you know that we only utilize about   %  of our conscious mind and about 85% is operated by our subconscious mind?

I cannot provide you with this information in this blog but can recommend that you attend the workshop when it’s available in your area.

I can guide you to observe what is around you and to test your senses .  Look closely at your surroundings  and then try to recall the placement of certain objects or things in that area.  You will be surprised at how quickly you can expand your consciousness and what is all around you.  Your world will expand.

Also playing chess, Sudoko puzzles and the rubric cube assists to expand your consciousness.  As you enhance your skills you may attract more abundance and the people that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Exercise is also a means of increasing our blood supply and also assists us in the transmission of electrical stimulations to the brain and also enables the messages from the neuron to the axons to move with ease and transmit it throughout the brain and into the CNS .  Exercise enhances our cognition, leads to brain rejuvenation and prevents the effects of aging on the brain.  

A study was done of nuns in a convent and they consented to be part of a study on the effects of Alzheimers’ on the brain.  They also agreed to have brain autopsies performed on their corpses post mortem.

One of the sisters was aged 87 and was totally spry and quick witted and spent every evening doing crossword puzzles and playing chess and checkers with the other older sisters.  Upon her death it was noted that even though her brain showed evidence of Alzheimers her activities that enhanced  her brain capan iin capacity and ability to communicate and remember things.


Being outdoors and enjoying the sunlight increases melatonin production and also the production of Vit D3 .  With the increased production of melatonin the person is able to sleep soundly , be calmer and maintain a positive attitude .  Vitamin D3 also assists with a positive attitude and also maintains supple bones and as one ages the possibility of broken bones or hip and knee problems is lessened.


Reading a book and engaging in activities that peak one’s interest and imagination in life also assists the brain to stay young and free of diseases that diminish the brain function as one ages in life.


Therefore barring any accidents or other injuries in life we can maintain good cognitive function and enhance it and achieve a very rewarding and fullfilling life up to and including our elderly years.

Blog 25 What is Agape Love ?

AGAPE LOVE the love Christ has for all.  He loves all of us despite what we may have done in our lives.  The Kabbalah teaches us to aim high and to be truly free of all that does not serve we are not ruled by our emotions or feelings but in a very spiritual way.  You may not like somebody but you can love them.  

You set boundaries and don’t let people walk over you and become a martyr or a victim.  You recognize the divinity within yourselves and everyone around you.  Your outlook on life changes and you move about free of attachments and now move with an ease and grace that you can do anything and can be anything that you want to be.  You also recognize your divine purpose and pursue those things that enable you and assist in your achieving your divine mission on earth.  For some it is to be a healer : you pursue a degree in medicine or in nursing or another aspect of the healthcare profession.  For others you may seek to be limo driver .  You enjoy driving people to their destination and speaking with them.

Flow this love is not the easiest but when it occurs miracles happen.  Things seem to flow in a positive and synchronous manner.  For example you may have lost your job but suddenly you’re in the coffee shop speaking to someone about what happened and suddenly they mention they know of someone or a company looking for someone with your credentials.  You set up an interview the following day and within 5 dys you’re hired .  So as you can see when one door closes another door opens

I have experienced that when  I use agape love in my healing work and I feel the presence of Angels and of Christ as present during this work.

None of this is easy and the more free choice one has the more difficult are the temptations presented before me .  Why is this ?  I believe that it is easy to be negative and to just follow our carnal desires.  To lead a holy and exemplary life is difficult but I have found that utilizing the tools provided to me by the school enables me to perform these tasks and enable to do this work .


Blog 24 Do You Believe in Angels ? I Do Believe and I Will Tell You About Angels

From early childhood I have experienced the presence of angels.  Angels can come to us in many forms such as :  protectors warriors, healers, teachers, and mediators between our moving across the veil.

Here are some of my encounters :  I was in a very dangerous situation  I was dying and was 7 yrs old from scarlet fever.  I clearly recall the doctor in Italy stating in Italian she’s going to die .  My mother decided to nurse me at home as I was dying.  My mother nursed me but contacted many relatives in the US to pray for my recovery.  Well what happened was I recall myself out of my body and looking at the bed and hearing a being to the left of me staying you can stay or you can go your choice.  I decided to stay and was given the highest dose of a drug to combat that disease.  Miraculously at no point in time was I hospitalized for the scarlet fever.

I met a very dangerous man through someone who worked in the hospital I worked in.  What occurred was he suffered from PTSD and also was partially psychotic from his experience in Vietnam.  He also later on I found this out suffered from the effect of Agent Orange.  Well one evening he decided to scare me and appeared to be sleeping but suddenly some creature appeared.  I could hear and feel it but could not see it.  It sounded like a hound of hell.  All the kittens and cats he had in the house jumped onto the roof to escape this thing.  I kept on trying to awaken him and he wouldn’t awaken.  The thing came over to my left side and as it was about to touch me I was yelling out the prayer ” The Our Father ”  .  Suddenly I saw a sword coming from the window and shining brightly and as it did the thing seemed to be sucked up by the sword .  The energy of the entire room grew peaceful and the cats and kittens came back inside.

Another time I experienced something strange … a friend wanted me to take their black female dog named Missy  .  Well I could not take her with me as my super did not allow pets in the apartments.  So that night I awoke in a start and saw the dog staring at me with blood red eyes .  Something told me she was dead.  Sure enough the dog wasn’t on my friend’s property and someone stated he had taken the dog for a walk in the woods and heard a gunshot and never saw the dog again.   I believe my angel wanted me to realize the danger I was in and that is why the dog appeared in my dream.

I was driving home one night and had a flat and it was 1 am and I had to be at work at 7am.  I was walking down a bridge and this man kept on stopping trying to pick me up and I said no I’m fine thanks.  II prayed to St Michael the Archangel and asked for help I was in fear for my life.  This man had a strange box alongside him.  Suddenly a state trooper pulled up behind me he was absolutely handsome blond hair blue eyes steely and a glow all around him and he asked me what ‘s going on he called for a tow truck to help me out and asked me and I told him about the strange man and my fear that he was dangerous.  Suddenly the officer called in for back up and drove as fast as could be. Well as I was driving back once the tire was repaired  I saw a few miles up the road what seemed like a group of people looking at something which looked like the that car was empty and the state trooper was no where.  I still believe to this day that was an angel who protected me at my time in need and assisted me in being able to drive home and be at work at 7am.


I could continue to cite many other experiences and have learned a lot in the study of the Universal Kabbalah as taught by the Modern Mystery School.   All I can say is that we need to discern good vs evil and discern good angels from others.  Choose to believe or not believe the choice is yours.  I believe that we are eternal spiritual beings living in a physcical body to experience life in this physical dimension and reality.



What Is a Life Activation and What is the Empower Thyself Program and Initiation ?


Well this is the best video that explains about the Life Activation and the Empower Thyself Program.

Teresa Ibis Bullard is has a doctorate in physics and is an alchemy instructor and international with the Modern Mystery School.  Our School is the only school that brings this unbroken sacred lineage of King Salomon and healings to the general public.  The school is not a cult.  You are not forced to quit your job and stay and live on a compound.  You are not forced to quit your religious faith.  You are not told to leave your family and former friends and never engage with them.


Why am I stressing this?   Because my own family and acquaintances have continually undermined my practice through their conversations with friends or frankly one of them did this when I had an initiates’ meeting.  Instead of being positive about the healings and teachings they were promoting someone else’s practice.  Strange you may say ?  like they say you can’t choose your family members.  Another family member was literally going blind and refused my offer to send them long distance healing .  There is more to this story but it’s best to move beyond the mundane and negative .

The life activation works and takes about 7 years in total to fully integrate into your body.  However you must be engaged in a positive practice if you do not the life activation can only raise your vibration and frequency to match what you are nurturing and creating in your life.

Initiation gave me the ability to summon, command and dismiss energies that I use to create something good and that does no harm to anyone.  I have tools that protect me so that I can carry on in my spiritual path and achieve and attract that which I need to do the work and complete my mission on earth.

Therefore once I begin to engage and follow this path I learn to avoid that which does not serve me or the common good.  I need to increase my frequency and vibration so that I can reach my fullest potential and fullfill my sacred purpose.  I can do the things that I enjoy and share good times with family and friends. I can live and still continue in my career path and yet follow and practice the teachings and methods as handed down by a Modern Mystery School certified teacher and healer practicing in the lineage of King Salomon  .

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions feel free to reach me and contact me either at  or by phone 732-882-9676.  Solicitors and scammer are not welcomed to contact this center or the founder .


Blog 22 Why Do I Belong to the Modern Mystery School And Why Do I Recertify Myself As A Healer Teacher and Guide in The Lineage of King Salomon

Do we not become a member of let’s say the American Medical Association , The American Nurses Organization , The International Society of Critical Care Nurses , and so onto maintain our certifications?

Let’s face it all professions have professional specific organizations whose goal is to achieve accountability, improve skills, set standards of practice and ethics to maintain a soluble and thriving profession for their members and this in turn ensures that the services are rendered by their members in an ethical and compassionate manner.   In turn this improves and  enhances the health, the living conditions, the essential elements such as water and food resources that is offered and given by the professional who serves them .  This strengthens the people who receive the services and also enhances and improves the skills of the professional who serves them. It is a win win situation for both of them.  

Now through certification everytime I recertify  I find I learn something new .   I have taken my awareness and understanding to another higher level.  If I did not do this I would become more motivated by my own selfish or jaded consciousness.  I lose that connection with my tribe of people .  It’s similar to the statement ”  When we pray together we stay together”  or as Christ stated ” For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  Deuteronomy 19:20  

Do you not want someone to serve you who maintains their license to practice medicine?  Would you choose to go to a doctor who did not renew their license to practice medicine?  This principle should be applied to every part of our life  .  How many times have you heard of someone who chose to have home repairs given by someone who is not licensed?  Then within about a year or maybe several months down the road they discover that something doesn’t work correctly or tile begin to fall off a counter or the plumbing or electricity was done properly and now a pipe burst or a vent is working backwards ?  

Now as a licensed and registered nurse I find that for me I maintain my accountability to myself, my profession, and my community and the people that I serve. But what motivated me to seek a spiritual understanding and apply it to the healing profession?   It actually occurred because I myself from a personal and spiritual level felt like I was underwater.  Things weren’t working out well for me other than my profession.  My relationships with family, friends and significant other were falling apart.  What was going on?  I did the only thing I knew and prayed and prayed to receive guidance and an understanding of what was I doing with my life and why so much internal and external suffering ?

I received guidance to seek an answer and searched for a practitioner in the spiritual realm.  I went to a Shaman who practiced Mayan Shamanism.  This Shaman and I wound up actually disagreeing on the principle of healing and miracles.  Everytime I created and was the vessel that catapulted someone’s healing and not dying I was changing the karmic wheel and therefore suffering on his / her behalf.   Really I disagreed and cited that Christ always performed miracles and healed the sick that is not true.  He suffered and died for our sins so that we did not have to suffer.  We now had a portal of hope and joy open to us to achieve and perform whatever we chose that was for the highest and greatest good of all.

Shortly after this discourse I found a life activation practitioner and teacher in the Modern Mystery School and immediately agreed to have a life activation.   I understood I needed to return to receive the full protocol and I did.  I continued to study and receive healings.  I received the King Salomon healing sessions and this motivated and supported me through my trials and tribulations in life.  I continued to study and eventually about 10 years later went forward to eventually open my own light center.  It was a slow process for me as I had many things occurring at the same time.  I had a very serious job and responsibility to the institution I worked for and to the team of professionals I worked with . However the universe had other plans for me and I became so ill that I needed to abruptly stop working and focus on healing myself.  It took a period of over 3 years and I only had Mystery School practitioner perform healings on me.  I also began to eat more healthily .  The connection between body mind and soul and spirit was understood by me on another level of consciousness.  I began to understand if all are not on the same frequency and vibration and energetic level then a state of dis-ease occurs.  We begin to disconnect with the Source  and become ill.  It can be physical, mental or spiritual and eventually the more the disconnect then eventually we become so ill and die.  

I also learned that the healings of King Salomon as handed down through the sacred lineage work on all peoples 100% of the time.  You see King Salomon only saved and utilized the healings that worked on peoples of all cultures races and creeds 100% of the time.  Those that did not work were discarded and never used.

There are many ways of dying and however it begins we must recognize that in that time period of dis-connect we are essentially living in our own personal hell.  So once I cannot stand the heat I have to get myself back into the light and thrive.  Each of us has some type of struggle but it is how we deal and recognize it that leads to our achieving a new life a new approach to life and work and to our personal interpersonal relationships with our family and significant other.

If interested in receiving a life activation or other services from me feel free to reach out to me through or by phone 732-882-9676.  


Blog 21 No questions No Answers

Some of us feel as if we’re never heard and never recognized by people in life.  Have you ever seen that successful people seem to attract people to them.  They follow them everywhere.

They developed relationships with very successful people or with people who could promote them .  With that you develop a following that is how people who have intangible businesses achieve notoriety.  

Some have gained notoriety through writing  books ;  started out in a business in the area when there was no one doing what they do.  They  had clients that promoted and recommended people to them for their services.  They may teamed up with someone that had a successful business and contacts so that they could then glean customers from their email list .  They developed and nurtured that relationship and offered them services and with their continued support their clients were recommended by  them for their business.

Bottom line is without support from other people intangible businesses eventually fall apart.  The bulk of the business depends on client loyalty ,  sustainability and their ability and understanding to value and pay for your services .  They do not cheapen and ruin your reputation and compare you with others.

 You have to be cognizant on what the quality of the services you offer them and value yourself enough not to barter especially with new clients .  They can just be bartering because in truth they do not value your services and value more and have plans to buy a new car and go on a European vacation or gamble away thousands of dollars but hey for your services they cheapen and disrespect you.

Don’t get me wrong I do charity work for those in need but I have to draw the line.  I’ve learned this the hard way and been cheapened and frankly unappreciated by some.  But the bottom line is these are lessons so that I can offer and give quality service to clients and not devalue myself or my services.  Sometimes in turn the client needs to learn to respect what I offer and if they don’t then well honestly they quickly fall away.  If they cheapen my communication through nasty facebook comments or speak badly to a competitor in my field all I can do is unfriend and block them on facebook and state my case should the competitor mention it.  If they don’t respect what I say well then that’s on them and it’s time to get rid of toxic competitors .  

It’s all a learning curve but the point is you have to value yourself and your work and avoid bartering except with clients whom you’ve known for a period of time.  

You have to recognize toxic personal relationships with family and business acquaintances and set boundaries .  If this doesn’t work then you need to sever ties because listening to negative people and people that choose not to respect your choices in life is draining and you need positive and not negative reinforcement about your work and passion in life.

Therefore I challenge you to respect yourself hold true to your work ethic and values and end all toxic relationships.  Listen to motivational talks that have a positive spin and you will find yourself seizing the day ( carpe diem) in a very positive manner.

Surround yourself with positive people and successful and kind business acquaintances.  You will find you will be happier and more motivated to achieve your goals and establish a positive and abundant business and a happy and a successful life.

Blog 20 How do I Keep a Tidy Home?

The story goes like this  if you have a tidy and clean home then you are able to manifest and become more abundant in life.  The actual physical reason is this our brain needs order without it our thoughts and focus become blurred .  So we need to create and maintain order in our life for without it will go helter skelter and become confused and eventually stagnant and unproductive.

So How do you do this?  Well keep a checklist for each room in the house and assign one day out fo the week.

Keep only one or two things on countertops and dressers and bureaus.  

Do not store things on the floor .  That leaves you hiding things away and not paying  attention to them.

 As you check off your weekly daily chores a sense of accomplishment and completion will lead you to follow this routine everyday.  As you begin doing this in your life ;  you will find that your home is neat and tidy and now you can enjoy your living space and can invite others to your home.  Your life will begin again in your tidy home.


Blog 19 What Magick do Unicorns Bring into My Life ? Do you Unicorns Really Exist?

Unicorns are magickal creatures who look like a horse but have a horn sitting in the middle of their head.  They are prominent in medieval stories and often depicted in medieval arts as a Christ like figure that has been stabbed with an arrow.  

Another depiction of unicorns is in ancient stories about Gods and Goddesses and Elves and Fairies where they are depicted riding on an unicorn.  According to folklore the Unicorn can only be touched by an innocent virgin.  They are so delicate that none other than the Gods and Goddesses and a human virgin maiden can touch them.  Their horn is said to purify water and when a unicorn touches your heart with its horn you heart chakra opens up and you feel and then can only operate from the agape Christ Consciousness love.   

From a personal perspective when I connect with the Unicorn in meditation they always open up my heart chackra and whenever I feel all alone and unsupported or disappointed in the manner I am treated to by peers and relatives or a close friend;   they remind me that they are here to serve and help me on my journey along with the other magickal Gods and Goddesses Christ and other elemental beings.  They are very wise magickal creatures and for me they also can be humorous and lighten the seriousness of the conversation or teaching or guidance.

I recently held a special ceremony for a mother and her daughter and the unicorns arrived and we had the most magickal and joyful ceremony I could have ever wanted.  I was so grateful that this mother entrusted me with this task and yes after the ceremony her young daughter around 3 yrs of age did not want to leave and wanted to stay in the temple and play.  I would have watched her for her mom who needed to work from home but realized that this mother and daughter team needed alone time with each other even while she’s working at home.

I thank the unicorns for this magickal day and will connect with them in my meditations !!!!


You can do that also  however if you’re new to meditation or can’t meditate then come to one of my meditations offered on Fri eve 7p-9p and on Sun 11a-12p at the Center for Healing and Empowerment on 3 Mountain Boulevard,  Warren NJ 07059.  Don’t forget to RSVP as space is limited.

investment $20  



Blog 18 What to Do When You Feel Stuck in Life ?

What Do you When You Feel Stuck In Life

1.  Know Thyself

One of the most important things in life is to know yourself.  If you don’t you won’t listen to the internal cues .  The subtle feelings you get when you’re around someone who drags you down and literally drains you of all your energy.  You may not be able to know or sense it’s time for you to take a break and in not understanding your internal cues you will turn to others for advice and even to various psychic readers.

Thus when you learn and understand yourself you can literally foresee or sense when it’s time to move out of a relationship or a friendship or living situation.

I have found in my spiritual journey The study of the Kabbalah has taught me to understand my strengths and weaknesess.  To learn what I am truly passionate about and what I am not interested in.  With this understanding it is easier to navigate my life towards specific goals and aim for things that enhance it.


2.  Knowing the Verbal Cues 

All of us have verbal cues or trigger words that either raise us up or drag us down.  Do you normally use negative self talk ? Do you then react to others compliments towards you in a dismissive way.

When you do this you create a self defeatist lifestyle.  The more you engage in  negative self talk and the more negatively you respond to someone who is complimenting you the more you create and attract negative circumstances and negative situations in your life and in turn self defeating friends and family members. 

Our thoughts create things and in turn create the life we are currently living in.  This is often a hard pill to swallow as it is easier to blame someone else for the circumstances we are currently living in.

So the question is:  How do you change your life if that is what you do?    For one thing you need to track your self talk and when you do journal it and then reverse it into a positive statement.

Track when you speak with someone and how and what you say to them .  Review the conversation and write it down.  Notice your trigger words well maybe or anyone could have done that or well you know I just don’t seem to have any luck .   I hate my job but I have to work and make a living right?  and you shrug your shoulders.  The reality is why not write down things that you do well and the positive things you have done for a company or institution you work for.  Once you read them and review all  of your positive qualities then you can look at things quite differently and see the things that you are capable of doing and the fact that yes you deserved that promotion and since you did not get it perhaps it’s time to move on and work in a higher skilled position.


3.  Your living situation affects your life.   If you find you are living in a situation where you are not happy and truly enjoy living in then it’s time for a change.  Maybe your need to declutter your surroundings or you need to redecorate and put on a new coat of paint.  Maybe you’re just not in the right place that makes you flourish and you need to move to another environment. 

For example you are young and single and living in family ville.. Well for sure you’ll not meet an eligible single love partner and heck no you don’t want to pursue a job as a babysitter or nanny move out of there.  Or you may be an older woman/ man looking for a loving relationship.  Well you’ll need to move out of familyville for sure and perhaps live in a hip artist and writer community and ensure you live in a city full of  opportunities for theatre , dance, and other social activities that increase your chances at a fun filled social life.  


4.  Follow your passion.  If you love dance and music pursue it.  That which brings you joy increases your chances of leading a  healthy and productive life.  You will then see the synchronicities and beauty and circumstances that allow you to be you and at the same time engage in a fruitful and productive career that brings joy to everyone around you.  When you smile the world smiles back at you and when you frown the world frowns back at you.  Be the best you can be and be passionate about what you do and can offer to the world around you.




Blog 17 What Does It Mean When I See An Owl in My Life?

The owl represents a magical creature.  The owl is known to fly silently it is not heard.  It has keen vision and can zone in on the prize in darkness and sweep down and capture its prey.  It is the companion of the Goddess Athena and guides soul in the journey through the veil to the other side.  Owls travel through dimensions.  An owls ears are set on higher than another so its hearing is unique.  It hears what is said and processes it and hears things differently through each ear.

So the owl when seen often represents our search to reach our higher self and to contact it.  Your higher self will never lie to you and give you the answers you are seeking . 

The owl is warning me to be silent and listen and discern.  Listen and discern and then speak.  Don’t just talk to talk.  Everything you say can affect you and other people’s lives.  If you speak with cruelty and anger towards another person then they in turn feel this energy and become either angry and deal in turn with cruelty to others . Or as in the bullying in school issues may become so despondent that they harm themselves or another person.  Our words can either make others rise above and beyond their own former goals or can completely shoot them down.

Owls fly to other dimensions they open portals … meditate on the owl and open yourself to move into another dimension.  You may begin in your normal life see things differently .  Nothing looks the same things look different and you begin to see things that you had never seen before.  Other beings may come into your reality.  You may be compelled to change your whole view of life and change jobs. What once resonated with you , no longer resonates with you.  You are energetically vibrating at a higher frequency.  

So my recommendation to you is see and listen to the owl .  Do not fear it as it will open you to a new life and reality and your life will become full of great  joy and adventure.