Reflections on Being Homeless

I write this post as I was impacted by Hurricane Ida.  My entire home was destroyed and therefore I’m presently living out of a hotel.  I have no support and am basically on my own dealing with FEMA the NFIP and my mortgage company.  The town of Middlesex, NJ provides no assistance as all the monies went to the first responders.  I was given a name of a volunteer group but they do not assist Middlesex, NJ residents.  Meals are not covered by FEMA housing and the NFIP does not support housing needs.

What this experience has provided me with is to place more trust in my guidance with the Hierarchy of Light.  More of an understanding of the female psyche and the male psyche.  An appreciation of minimalism and organization and opens up the energy to serve the light and assist people to heal from traumas and other mental and physical issues.

I am living in the present moment as I recognize each day is a gift enabling me another to spread hope, joy, peace and love to my clients.


What I will be offering is to provide to all clients both new and old a week long of healings and teachings to be booked with me .

The Empower Thyself Program will be offered October 20th & 21st 12 noon- 8pm at the healing center.

Every Tuesday from  October 16th  onwards I will be offering a free Zoom Max Meditation from 7:30pm -8:30pm .   Here’s the link:

Every Tuesday, October 16h onwards via ZOOM @ 2pm  where all of my initiates are welcomed to join me at 1p for a review of the teaching and rituals  and other topics that will enhance their lives.

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What does the impact of Hurricane Ida Reflect About the Collective Consciousness On Planet Earth

Dr Emoto’s research on our emotions and its effects on water show us that our emotions strongly affect water molecules.  Positive emotions emote beautiful crystalline forms shown though a electronic spectometer.  Sadness, Hatred, shame and other negative emotions turn the water crystalline images into dulled lifeless moleculer crystalline images.

The impact of the world crisis in Afganistan and the mixed emotions regarding our political situation in the US and the overall view of the world on the recent decisions made to pull out of Afganistan impacted on us severely.  Ida came upon us almost within a week of the Afganistan crisis.  It struck on parts of the Northeast never affected before by climate change without remorse.

Did this occur because people were still coping with Covid and isolation .  Vaccination vs nonvaccination;  wearing masks or not wearing masks.  Then the issue about vaccinating children so that they could attend school and requiring them to wear masks.

Man by nature is a social being .  We do not do well living alone and isolated from one another.  Fear also affects everything.  Fear of losing things following the aftermath of the hurricane.  seven tornadoes hit a NJ town. We’ve had 27 deaths  which we never had before.

Fear of losing face with the world and fear of women being downgraded to a lesser status than men that preys heavily throughout the world and more graphically in Afghanistan as the Taliban took over Kabul and all of Afghanistan.

The water crested at a high level in the northeast affecting many in its wake.  Did our collective consciousness create this event.

I believe it’s a combination of global warming and also our emotions.

How can we shift it ?  For me personally it’s a struggle.  Ive lost everything in my home .  I could be depressed over it.  When after working as a nurse I attempted to go back home as I could not travel when Ida hit NJ and NYC; I wound up alone on RT 78. east after what I thought was my working around a huge cement paver that was in the left lane.  The paver hit my sidewall blew the tire and hence I was alone on the shoulder.  Thankfully the nurses and administration at Rolling Hills came through for me .  Saw my message and through WhatApp one of the women from the Activity Dept was able to pinpoint my location and come and rescue me.  Her husband changed the flat tire to my spare tire. I may have waited a while on the shoulder but Triple AAA could not assist me till 7hrs later.  I was able to cancel the request.  I was able to stay at a lovely hotel that two colleagues were staying at as we worked different shifts.  The universe shifted the negative experience to a positive one.  I know in my heart Angels and Archangels and Ensof and Jesus were with me. I also know the tools provided through the Modern Mystery School came through.  I had contacted my spiritual family and also my colleagues to pray for me. Voila things shifted within 5 minutes of this experience.

Therefore I recommend to everyone if this is for you take my advice or pass it on to someone who believes and wants to grow spiritually and personally.

The life activation is the first step as it not only opens up the codons ( your divine blueprint) of the DNA but also you are experiencing the effects of elemental, magnetic and chackra balancing and negative cap removal so that you receive following completions of the entire session more light from Ensof .  I always recommend that following this session you take the Empower Thyself Program were you are handed down orally knowledge, rituals and tools that will enable you to navigate past the matrix and become your own healer.  You will also receive initiation into Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light so that you have 10 times more power to dismiss and receive energies from the beings of light .  You are the captain of your own ship. You know who you are .  If not and even if so the Universal Kabballah program provides you with tools to enable you to know yourself .

All of these tools and initiations have gotten me through many crises.  Therefore I extend the offer to reach out to you if you are a seeker and looking to improve your self knowlege and learn and utilize the tools provided through these activations and initiations.

contact me after September 18th and we can set up a session.

The Coronavirus and Its Implications From An Energetic Perspective

The Coronavirus has had an impact on the entire world.  At the rate of its spreading it will soon be declared a pandemic .   However from an energetic standpoint how has this occurred.  First we have all played a part in destroying the natural order of things.  The overuse of plastic products and the destruction of the national and the Amazon forest have led to once what was prevented by the trees and plants that were indigineous to those areas that let out emissions that cleared away bacterias and viruses that were deadly.

Our minds are powerful and our thoughts create things.  Fear over so many world events and political issues and fear of wars, illness and diseases that cannot be cured lead to a negative impact on our environment and the world around us.  As a healing energy practitioner I would suggest that physically build up our immune systems there are herbs that destroy deadly viruses, bacterias and diseases.  Celery juicing every morning, taking of herbs that build up the immune system and exercise and meditation to relax and allow us to focus and deal with stressful situations .  All of these methods assist us in healing and when we feel strong we are more positive and send into our bodies vibrations that help us heal and in turn we affect our environment and the people and family members with whom we interact with both daily and in our working environments.

I strongly recommend an life activation and also initiation to assist with our healing and also protecting you and those around you.  Your connection with the the Source of All ( whatever your belief is ) and with the beings of light is 10 fold increased.  It is as if you had 10 people praying for you and the infinite guidance of your four new spiritual guides leads you on your path of joy and enlightment.

contact me via my website or fb messenger or by phone for a life activation and initiation. Please leave a message if I’m not available as I may be conducting a class or session .  732-883-9676 no solicitations .  fb messenger phyllisfran . website


Do We Heal Our Clients?

This article in Psychology Today touched on the wounded healer.  All of us are wounded in some way whether we admit or not.  What brings one into the healing arts be it wholistic, medical or psychological comes from our desire to help another heal.  Sometimes from knowledge about why we are who we are and the fact we did the work and healed ourselves from woundedness or we believe in helping others we can heal them and then heal ourselves.


This is provided for your perusal and I don’t have the answers.  You have the answers within yourself on why you choose that profession and mission in life.

Read, think upon it and find your answers.

10 Tips For Healing Your Woundedness So You Can Help Others

  1. Identify the wound.  Ask yourself what wound you seek to heal by ministering to others.
  2. Liberate your patients. It’s not fair to depend on your patients to give you a sense of self-worth, identity, inherent value, or sense of accomplishment. If you need therapyspiritual counseling, or some other kind of guidance to help you address your personal issues, get help.
  3. Be mindful of how your woundedness can bleed into your patients. If they feel they must please you in order to help you heal your own wounds, they will be focused on YOU, rather than focusing on their own self-healing.
  4. Be aware of your power. When patients seek help, they are vulnerable and easy to influence. This can be a drug for those whose wounds revolve around feelings of powerlessness or lack of control.  DO NOT take advantage of your power.
  5. Own your shit and take responsibility for your own healing. Make a plan to deal with your issues. Check in with your Inner Pilot Light and ask yourself what you need in order to heal the primary wound that may have led you to enter a healing profession.
  6. Beware of projection.  Your patients are not your alcoholic mother, your abusive ex-husband, or your vicious boss.
  7. Don’t be afraid of loving your patients. I know some people get all nutso about transference and all that crap. But love is the most healing gift you can offer your patients – and yourself.
  8. Avoid being a control freak. WAY too many people enter the healing professions in order to feel a sense of control. (Think of the bossy, screaming surgeon in the OR, ordering around the scrub tech and the nurse.) If you have control issues, deal with them in other ways. Your job is not the place to heal those wounds.
  9. Be a grown up. If you have Mommy issues or childhood traumas you haven’t addressed, face your junk. But don’t become the wounded child you once were. Don’t act out.
  10. Practice radical acts of self-love. If you know you’re enough, just the way you are, if you treat yourself like the precious child you once were, if you give yourself a break, care for your body, forgive yourself for your failings, and otherwise love and adore yourself, you won’t need your patients to feed your ego, and you will free them to focus on their own healing. Plus, you will be much better suited to care for them and nurture their optimal health and wellness.

Nobody sets out to hurt, abuse, or take advantage of those under their care. But it’s easy to slide into dangerous behavior if we’re not aware of our behavior.

Are You A Wounded Healer?

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Are you a healer—or do you think your physician or other health care provider may have an unexplored wound they’re dealing with. Are you willing to heal your own wounds so you don’t inflict your woundedness upon others?

If you are a patient or a healer committed to changing the way medicine is delivered and recieved, become a Pink Medicine Revolutionary, and I’ll share other tips I’m learning along the way.

And please, tell us your stories and share your insights in the comments below.

Humbly addressing my own wounds,


Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of OwningPink.comPink Medicine Revolutionarymotivational speaker, and author of What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend and Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide To Creating Fine Art With Wax.

Getting to Know Thyself : Does it get easier with time?

We all go through tragedies, challenges, deceitfulness, betrayals, supportive family and friends and or lack of them.
They say when one door closes another one opens for us.

But what if those doors are not opening then we need to search deep within our souls and truthfully find the answers.

That is what my journey is about, even at this point in time, I am still fighting the negative within me. Sometimes it seems unsurmountable and that’s when I surrender and utilize the tools I’ve been handed down to pull myself up and move out of the shadows and into the Light.

We create our world, and all of our actions either support or destroy us.

Through the healings and teachings I know the answers, but can I let go and reach that pinnacle of enlightenment that I yearn for?

Come join us at the Center for Healing and Empowerment in Warren, NJ for classes, programs, and healings and meditations.

Your Journey Begins With You. You create the change within and without.

Why does the Modern Mystery School require recertifications to continue to be an energy healer and guide and teacher

The world is changing both physically and in vibrational frequencies.  The news is full of information regarding the changes in the weather, extinction of animal species, geographical changes in the earth’s typography.  The emergence of new islands, volcanoes and dormant volcanoes awakening and erupting and because of the earth and climate changes also provides evidence that with these changes we as humans are either evolving and moving into a higher frequency state of existence or some remain in the third dimension. 

Keeping this in mind we recognize that we need to adjust our healings, our teachings and methodologies regarding our interactions with our clients and with one another on this planet.  Hence the Modern Mystery School evolves and changes some of these techniques dependant on the frequency changes occurring on this planet.

Therefore retesting yearly how we perform the life activation and healings, teaching and guidehood on our clients is tantamount to providing them with the latest and most accurate methods that lead to their healings and evolution into higher states of consciousness and optimal health. 

I recently attended our recertification programs and out of about 340 healers only 15% needed to repeat and be reevaluated and tested on their energy and delivery of the life activations and healings at the highest level of frequency needed to assist our clients.

Yes recertification and testing is stressful but in the long run it is of optimum value as we leave the program and recertification with renewed confidence and skill in our delivery of the activations and healings.

Therefore I would recommend that if you are a healer in another modality or lineage you may choose to seek out our programs and may choose to want to pursue being a life activation practitioner.   

As the school has evolved and grown I have found that the international teachers and healers and the administration along with founder Gudni Gudnason, Ipississimus Hideto Nakagome and Dave Lanyon have compassion and caring and assist all in evolving and becoming the best healers, teachers and guides that they can be.  

May 25th 2019

Why Learn about the Tree of Life and the Universal Kabbalah

The Tree of Life represents every aspect of our being : spiritual, mental .physical and emotional.  Each sephirah represents a part of our body and its related organs.  It has an angel, a planet, a color. and an animal totem, that represents that sephiroth and the energies it exudes and creates.

The study of the Universal Kabbalah in the Modern Mystery School tradition is done through a series of ascensions in which the group enters and in the next several months will engage either in person or by zoom to report to his /her group what his or her life has been since climbing up the tree.

After the four ascensions up the tree then over the weekend they go on a spiritual retreat at a specific location and share meals room and board with the Kabbalah instructor and all the Kabbalah members.

Hold the knowledge passed onto to you and sacred and not to be shared with anyone outside of your Kabbalah study group.  Kabbalah is a search for the truth of our existence and how we came to be and our purpose in life. It tackles the questions Who AM I .?  Why am I here?  Why choose this family?  What is my purpose? What is my contract with God/ or whatever your belief system holds in the highest esteem. ( Buddha, Krishna, Brahma ).

The purpose is To Know Thyself so that whatever challenges we face in life or in the spiritual we can address , conquer, and move forward and never be stagnant.  Stagnation creates passitivity, laziness, depression, self pity, doubt and anger.  Kabbalah allows us to see our faults and correct them.  It provides us with a means to forgive ourselves and those around us.

Join us on this journey into the Universal Kabbalah.  Find your true self and know its vices and virtues.  Learn the Kabbalistic way of resolving issues.

Be at peace and Fiat Lux !!!!

Phyllis Francene ( Fran)

What is the Path of the Healer ?

The path of the healer is a systematized and organized path established by the MMS school and in accordance to the lineage of King Solomon.

These healing tools have been used for centuries and in ancient times were only accessible to the elite or those chosen by King Solomon or the Ipsyssimus of that region of the world.  The tools are those that work on all people despite their religious beliefs, color or creed and must be provided without judgement opinion dogma prejudices and race.

I have performed the healings :  Isis Healings,  Advanced Isis, and Ensofic Ray Reiki sessions, amega wand healings, chakra balancing, and so much more and have seen tremendous transformation with my clients.

I also offer meditation classes and stress rescue programs .  Sacred Geometry level 1-4 and Astral Travel and the 13 Races of Earth and Journeys of the Spirit which are prerequisite to Healers Academy I.

What Is Initiation and What Does Initiation Do and Enable a Client to Do ?

Initiation is a physical ceremony in which a guide through physical ceremony.  The guide Brings down the energies and the HOL and the client’s guides.  The archangelic kingdom and other dimensions are more easily accessed following initiation.

Initiation brings the client 10x more power.  It is like agroup of 10 people are prayer alongside of you.

Initiation enables the new initiate to have direct access to the Hierarchy of  Light .  The adept is able to summon, call upon and dismiss new and old stagnant energies.

Your family line 7 generations ( ancestors) behind you and 7 generations into the future.

Predispositions to disease are removed or improved upon .  I cannot say cured as I am not a licensed physician.

More clarity and focus occur and just looking at the world around you shifts for you.  The sky may appear indigo or another color.

Old patterns of behavior slowly leave your new light body.

These teachings from the empower Thyself have taught over 3000 years.

Your vibration is heightened and your tolerance for opinions prejudices judgement shifts .  These are being lessened so that when you step into service the person shifts > The family shift > the community shifts> the world shifts. 

The consciousness of the world could shift and that is why it is important to life activate and initiate everyone who comes to me for healings and teachings.

My recommendation is to go to and see the  video put out by Jordan Bain re:  initiation and life activation and by Theresa Ibis Bullard on these topics.

Book your life activation and empower thyself by reaching out to me via my website .   I am only a phone call away.  Please remember these cannot be taught or given on line.  They are secret keys of wisdom being handed down to you and sacred activations that can only be offered as one on one sessions .

Do not overthink or guess just book your session and I promise you that you will see changes over the course of one to three months and for the rest of your life should you develop a spiritual practice by following and utilizing the tools handed down to you by a certified MMS guide.



Why Are The Rules For Magicians Important

The Rules for Magicians is part of the Hermetic Teachings in the sacred lineage of King Solomon.  It’s importance lies in the fact that by nature man/woman our nature is to be laid back and we need rules to live by to allow us to strive and resist our carnal nature and achieve a higher state of vibration that allows us to move toward a higher state of being and wellness.

As we move up through the developmental stages in life it becomes more difficult for those who have never lived independently and were always controlled by society or in the work setting.  Therefore for them to resist and achieve self regulation and take ownership of their lives it is with education, passion and resistance to their carnal desires that enables them to live independently and become entrepreneurs in a field of business that they love an are passionate in.

The studies learned at the Modern Mystery School enabled me to achieve and let go of attachments that restrict me in leading an independent live free of the restrictions placed by society through earlier programming and education.  Our society still does not allow its youth to truly think on their own and operating away from the restrictions that the matrix confines us. 

Through the life activation and initiation into the lineage of King Solomon the chains of oppression and attachments that restrict us and lead to us to operate as sheeple is broken.

My advice to readers is to explore and let go of fears and attachments and try and discover these activations and take the Empower Thyself 2 day program.  You will never regret it .  Follow the advice given to you by your guide and teacher as their mission in live and purpose is to serve all free of attachments, opinions, judgements and prejudices.  Your guide has only your best interest in mind.  I am stating this based on years of being a part of this school and learning slowly its true value that its healings, teachings and initiations have personally changed my life in a positive manner.

Let go of fear and don’t listen to others as they operate in fear and resistance.  Haven’t you ever experienced that if you mentioned to a friend you were trying something new or embarking on a new invention or course of life they usually negate it .  They are not positive as then that would mean for them ” Wake up and do something new experience life .  Live it .  Let go of your fears.”

Seek a guide and teacher in the Modern Mystery School explore it and experience it fully by utilizing the tools handed down to you.  You won’t regret it.  As Paolo Coehlo stated ” didn’t you experience the pyramids and were they not beautiful ?”  Even though his hero returned to the original site and found his hidden treasure nestled beneath a huge tree.

My only purpose is to guide all who enter my center and allow them to blossom and grow to the extent that they can and decide to do.

Make your life an exclamation and not an explanation !!!!


Phyllis Francene ( Fran )

CEO Center for Healing and Empowerment

172 Wahington Valley Road Suite#3 ,  Warren, nj 07059