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Why Did I Attend Healer’s I Academy

Well from childhood I had dreams about future situations.  At the time I did not recognize or understand the magnitude of this ability.  I was always meeting people who didn’t seem to be in this world.  Some were dark and some were light.  I learned a lot about survival and pain and suffering. I prayed […]

Reflections on Being Homeless

I write this post as I was impacted by Hurricane Ida.  My entire home was destroyed and therefore I’m presently living out of a hotel.  I have no support and am basically on my own dealing with FEMA the NFIP and my mortgage company.  The town of Middlesex, NJ provides no assistance as all the […]

What does the impact of Hurricane Ida Reflect About the Collective Consciousness On Planet Earth

Dr Emoto’s research on our emotions and its effects on water show us that our emotions strongly affect water molecules.  Positive emotions emote beautiful crystalline forms shown though a electronic spectometer.  Sadness, Hatred, shame and other negative emotions turn the water crystalline images into dulled lifeless moleculer crystalline images. The impact of the world crisis […]

Do We Heal Our Clients?

This article in Psychology Today touched on the wounded healer.  All of us are wounded in some way whether we admit or not.  What brings one into the healing arts be it wholistic, medical or psychological comes from our desire to help another heal.  Sometimes from knowledge about why we are who we are and […]

Getting to Know Thyself : Does it get easier with time?

We all go through tragedies, challenges, deceitfulness, betrayals, supportive family and friends and or lack of them. They say when one door closes another one opens for us. But what if those doors are not opening then we need to search deep within our souls and truthfully find the answers. That is what my journey is […]

Why does the Modern Mystery School require recertifications to continue to be an energy healer and guide and teacher

The world is changing both physically and in vibrational frequencies.  The news is full of information regarding the changes in the weather, extinction of animal species, geographical changes in the earth’s typography.  The emergence of new islands, volcanoes and dormant volcanoes awakening and erupting and because of the earth and climate changes also provides evidence […]

Why Learn about the Tree of Life and the Universal Kabbalah

The Tree of Life represents every aspect of our being : spiritual, mental .physical and emotional.  Each sephirah represents a part of our body and its related organs.  It has an angel, a planet, a color. and an animal totem, that represents that sephiroth and the energies it exudes and creates. The study of the […]

What is the Path of the Healer ?

The path of the healer is a systematized and organized path established by the MMS school and in accordance to the lineage of King Solomon. These healing tools have been used for centuries and in ancient times were only accessible to the elite or those chosen by King Solomon or the Ipsyssimus of that region […]