Phyllis Francene Livera

…is a certified Teacher, Guide and Healer and Celtic Shaman affiliated with the Modern Mystery School. As such she has been trained in their teachings which have been handed down over 3000 years from King Salomon. She has also been trained as a Jikiden Reiki Practitioner.
From her experience as a registered nurse in a trauma SICU and CCU, caring for patients in hospital settings, Phyllis learned to appreciate the body, mind and soul connection. She witnessed patients who suffered from complications, when they should have healed. These problems were not caused by mismanaged care or from mistakes made by the caregiver but seemed to be related to their old mental or emotional traumas or family history.
Phyllis has been seeking spiritual enlightenment since her early childhood due to several near death experiences.  After a life activation  Phyllis began her spiritual and healing path. Her goal is to empower all who come to her ; and she will serve in her role as a Teacher, Guide and Spiritual Healer for them.
Phyllis believes, “It is through healing oneself that one can then begin to heal others. Let us walk through this spiritual journey together and find peace, love, joy and hope. Let it spread to all beings who reside on this planet. Shamballa will come when man unites and fights the good fight that will bring about peace, joy and harmony for all of mankind.”